A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday February 11, 2023

Gina looked down at the goldfish in the bowl and could relate to it.

Oh her bowl was much larger, and it wasn’t made of glass, and the gates were wide open, the doors unlocked, and the windows had no bars, but she could relate none the less.

Her bowl was entirely in her own mind, put there by her Master, it was stronger than any glass bowl could ever be.

He had done other things to her mind as well, she could distantly remember having a job and a life before she met him. But it was like they belonged to someone else, like a movie she’d watched long ago and only half remembered.

She stood up and pushed her hair back over her other ear from where it had dislodged and then started to dance and twirl as she made her circuit around her Master’s estate. It would take her a good hour to complete, and she did it three times a day.

It was her exercise, as the rest of the time he had a perfect little stand for her to be on with the tinny music that played whenever anyone walked by. In between she’d get something to eat from the kitchen staff, take care of toiletries, and only after her Master had gone to bed, finally to to her room and rest herself.

At least when she was unlucky. When she was lucky, Master would come and find her and have her dance for him… or even take her to bed!

She swooned at the thought as she danced around his estate and wondered if tonight might be one of those nights… hoped that tonight would be one of those nights… it had been so long.

She stumped and fell to the ground as a terrible thought crossed her mind, what if he never took her to bed again?

She shook her head and got back up, tossing the thought aside. That was impossible, just as the fish depended upon it’s owner to feed it, Gina depended upon Master to sustainer her as well.

Her Master was not a cruel master, he would never abandon her like that.

She completed her lap around the estate and entered the main hallway, her eyes lit up at the sight of Master standing there. She quickly got en-point and danced around him, eager to show herself off to him.

After a few rotations he reached out and took her by the waist, pulling her in close.

“God Gina, you’re a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

She smiled and nodded, pushing her chest out as she did, “For you Master, always.”

“And how long have you been my pretty little thing now?” he asked.

“Three years, four months, twenty-three days Master.”

He nodded and smiled, sending a thrill through her body.

“Have Henrieta move your stand up to my bedroom this afternoon for the night.” he said and she smiled so hard she thought she’d break her face, and then nodded before dancing off to find Henrieta, the matron of Master estate.

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