“Excuse me Principal Hardcock…” Lola said as Dean stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned around to face her.

Dean smiled as the other students passed by them in the hallway, “Hello Lola, what can I do for you?” he asked, knowing full well what she wanted.

She played with one of her long pigtails as she wiggled her tits from side to side a little, “Well, I was wondering if you had a few minutes to chat about the club?”

“Why don’t you talk to Candy to schedule something with me after school.” he replied.

A slight giggle and smile escaped from her but she quickly tamped them down, “Thank you Principal Hardcock… I will right away!” she replied and then turned and made a bee line for the front office.

Dean shook his head and rubbed his chin. Lola hadn’t had a very good year so far, first she’d lost the captaincy of the cheer squad to her bitter rival, and then been kicked off the squad entirely. Her old friends had shunned her and she’d had to completely re-invent herself to try and fit in with one of the other cliques in the school.

That hadn’t been going so well either really. Before she’d really given it much thought, right after being kicked off the cheer squad, she’d gone and gotten a huge set of implants, the kind she said she’d always dreamed of but been unable to because of the cheer squad.

By the time she had recovered and returned to school, the year was well underway and finding a new clique to join had been difficult. Eventually she’d had to settle for whatever she could find, the goths.

Which was fine and all, she seemed to enjoy their company, but being the buxom blonde cheerleader, she struggled to take on the new traits of her clique.

Not that she wasn’t trying, she’d done a fine job dying her hair, and he hadn’t seen her wearing anything but dark colours in months… well, with a bit of white too, but no pinks or blues or yellows. She’d even stopped wearing the makeup she was so well known for around the school.

Dean knew she was trying hard, and getting there slowly, because he’d had a concern from Becky, Lola’s mother about the change. Becky had been the captain of the cheerleaders when she was at school, and was concerned that her daughter was no longer.

Dean had setup a meeting with Becky and worked things out, and Dean had promised to try and help Lola fit in as best he could.

“So, like, that’s why I want to start the Goth’s for Gangbangs club!” Lola said, a bit too enthusiastically.

“I know Lola, I know. But…” Dean started but Lola interrupted him.

“Please Principal Hardcock, I need this…” she said, pleading with her eyes.

He let out a sigh and then continued, “Look Lola, I don’t have a problem with the club per sey, but, well, it would look a little odd with you being the president of it at the moment.”

She pouted and sniffled a little, “But… but… I’m trying so hard…”

“Of course you are. And you’ve come so far. But, well, do you mind if I make a few suggestions?”

Lola’s face lit up instantly with a smile, then she caught herself and returned to a more neutral expressions, “Please do Principal Hardcock.”

“Well, you’ve done a great job with your hair… but those glasses…”

Lola subconsciously pushed her glasses up her nose, “I got rid of my contacts… what’s wrong with these?”

“Well, they’re fine if you want to be in the chess club, but for a goth they’re just not right. They need to be black, with thick frames.”

Lola nodded and pulled out her phone, quickly taking notes as Dean spoke.

“And you’ve done a great job of leaving your old makeup style behind, but you really haven’t embraced the goth look yet. I mean just something as simple a a nice black lipstick would really do wonders.”

Lola nodded and typed away.

“And… ah… how should I put this… your tan…”

Lola looked up and pouted again, “I know… I know… I stopped going to the tanning salon and all, but like, it just takes time for it to fade!”

“Ok, good.” Dean replied.

“Like, is there anything else?” she asked.

“Well, two things, but I think you are aware of them already. Your clothing is coming along well, but still too much white.”

She nodded, “Yeah, like, I’m trying to convince Mom to buy me new stuff, but, like, she doesn’t wanna buy me just black.”

Dean nodded, “Perhaps I can have a chat with her.”

“Oh my god! That would be so great Principal Hardcock!” she squealed, and then quickly got herself under control again.

“As for the last thing… it’s not mandatory or anything, but I’ve noticed, and I know you have as well, that all of the other goths have a lot of piercings…” Dean said, waving his hand in the hair a little.

A wicked smile crossed Lola’s face as she stood up and pushed her chest forward over his desk. Then she grabbed the neckline of her top, with the bra, and pulled it down to reveal her nipples and their piercings, “Like, I got that one covered Principal Hardcock…”, and then jiggled her tits.

Then she pulled back and bounced around to the other side of his desk and pushed her tit into his face, his lips warping around her recently pierced nipple and sucking on it.

“God Principal Hardcock, I’m gonna be the best goth bimbo ever! You wait and see!” she squealed as her hands reached down and undid his pants, fishing his cock from them.

She gave him a handjob for a few minutes as he sucked on her tit and then when he was stiff, she pulled back, “Like, wanna see my other piercing? giggle

She flipped her skirt up and revealed her bare pussy, a studded bar running through her clit. She held on to his dick with one hand and moved up onto his lap, then lowered herself down onto him.

She rocked her hips back and forth as Dean grabbed hold of her hips. Her hands rose up and grabbed her tits, taking her piercings between her fingers and pulling them forward.

“God Principal Hardcock, I can’t wait to be the president of the Goths for Gangbangs club! Then you can come and fuck me and the other goth bimbos all at once!”