“Um, like, wha da ya mean?” Ginger said as she sat on the ground, propping herself up after falling.

She’d been skating down the path and accidentally bumped into a man walking when she was distracted, and then… then things got fuzzy.

Hadn’t she been wearing a helmet? And gloves? And a top that didn’t show off her tits? For that matter, wasn’t she an A cup?

“I said I’m sorry that I changed you without thinking about it.” he replied and she furrowed her brow a little.

“But, like, that’s totally not possible, right? Like, ya can’t just change someone!”

“Well I can, but usually I have to think about it. You know, concentrate on what I want the change to be and then do it. But I’m afraid my subconscious is a little more reactionary than that, and that’s what kicks in when something unexpected happens. Like an inattentive young woman colliding with me on roller skates.” he replied, waving his hand at her.

“But, like, I’m not wearing roller skates!” she retorted, looking down at her feet in the towering heels that she always wore.

He brow furrowed even more, she didn’t wear heels all the time did she?

He held out his hand and without thinking she took it and he pulled her up to her feet. Then, something happened.

She couldn’t describe it, it just happened and suddenly she was as she had been. Helmet, roller skates, dark black hair, full set of pads.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed as her eyes frantically darted around.

“There we go, back to ‘normal’.” the man said and smiled.

She jerked backwards, trying to dislodge her hand from his, “Oh, we’re not done yet. Just had to get you back to how you were to see what I’m working with. Sometimes my subconscious gets it right, but usually not. Not too far off this time.”

She felt it happen again and she blinked several times and then stared at the man in confusion again.

“Um, like, wha jwust whappened?” she asked through a thick lisp. Her fingers rose up to her lips and touched them, they were thick and plump, and she could see a trace of pink lipstick rub off onto her fingers as she lifted her hand up to look.

It wasn’t the lipstick that caught her attention though, it was the long pink nails that were at the end of each finger that did. After a second she managed to noticed a long strand of hair hanging from her head and she pulled the platinum blonde strand in front of her face and we cross eyed trying to look at it.

The man didn’t answer, but instead just grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her tits, revealing the two large globes attached to her chest and their thick hard nipples.

His fingers took hold of her nipples and twisted them, “Bwabwy, wike, pway wiwh mwy nwipples!” she exclaimed with a moan.

He took hold of her hips and twirled her around, one hand continued to play with her nipple, the other reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her tiny shorts.

She bucked her hips into his hand, her own hands reaching behind her to find his crotch.

Then he let her go and stepped back, “Yep, much better.” he said to no on in particular.

She twirled around, almost sending her to the ground again and opened her lips to speak. Before she could he raised his finger up to her lips and placed it across them.

“Sshhh… It’s better when you don’t speak. Those lips weren’t made for talking after all.”

A shiver ran through her, both from his touch and the inference that her mouth was just another hole to be fucked.

He reached out and pulled her shirt back down over her tits and then gave her ass a slap, “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the other girls.” he said as he guided her away from the park and her old life.

She knew she’d never return to either.