A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday February 18, 2023

Victoria clicked the send button and then closed down her computer, her glasses in her hand as she stood up and hooked them through the neckline of her top.

Working from home had been a real boon for her and her colleagues, no more traveling to the office each day just to sit around and stare at the computer screen anyway. The IT guys had really messed things up in the beginning, their antiquated software just wasn’t up to the task of running the entire company remotely. She had to hand it to them though, they really came through after those initial few weeks.

She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and then headed towards her bedroom, taking several sips from it. When she entered her bedroom she walked over to the credenza at the foot of her bed and swiped the touchpad of the laptop that was sitting there. It came to life and she quickly opened up the live streaming software and started broadcasting.

She wiggled back and sat on the end of the bed and smiled, “Hi guys! Miss me?” she said as the large TV above the computer displayed the chat window so she could read it easily.

There were a dozen guys already online waiting for her, several requesting her to put her glasses on already. She smiled and quickly put her glasses on, slightly lower on her nose than she normally would, then pushed them up her nose with her finger, her lips parted as she licked them.

More requests came in, she played with her tits.

More requests came in, she played with her pussy.

More requests came in, she slapped her ass.

Hours later she finally closed down the stream and masturbated for a while by herself for a while. That was until she heard her phone bing in the kitchen and she headed back out to check it. It was a message from the IT department at work, “New scheduling solution…”.

She opened it up and felt a chill run down her spin, “Welcome to the new scheduling software, now with support for one on one virtual meetings as well as in person meetings!”

She clicked the link and opened up her personal calendar, it was filled with virtual one on ones as well as several in person meetings as well.

The IT department had done it again!

She still couldn’t believe how quickly they had brought up a complete streaming solution, let alone not even charge her for using it. Now they were simplifying her life even more!

She clicked on the in person meeting booked for 10am the next day and was presented with the complete details of who she was meeting, what their preferences were, and everything she would need to conduct a successful meeting.

She bit her lower lip as her hand slipped between her legs, he was much older than her, a little grey hair on the top of his head, and obviously overweight. The note was simple, “Wants a naughty secretary that focuses on oral.”

“Fuuuuck…” she let out as a moan as her fingers quickened their pace. She could do that, she could do that all day long!

Just as she was coming close to orgasming, her screen flashed and flickered as her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a gasp.

“The IT department is the best! I obey the IT department! I belong to the IT department!” she cried out as she came and slumped in the chain, a wide smile on her face, and an eagerness to she what the next update from the IT department would be.

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