“Awe, poor thing, and you thought you could fuck my husband without any consequences…” Jill said as she looked right at Kimberly’s latex clad face.

The silly girl had thought that by being his secretary that she had the perfect opportunity to advance her career. To be fair, she’d done the same thing years ago, but she’d been there first and she didn’t take kindly to young upstarts trying to move in.

Jill felt her husband’s hands come to rest on her latex covered hips and she titled her head back and closed her eyes, “Fuuuuck…” she let out softly as his hands roamed over her ass.

“You thought you could use that sweet little pussy of yours to get ahead… specifically my husband’s little head. But that’s never going to happen, you’re never going to have another dick in that useless little pussy of yours ever again. Oh, he’s going to fuck your face, your tits, your ass, often and hard, but that pathetic little pussy isn’t going to bring you any pleasure ever again. His cock belongs in my pussy, and only mine.”

Her husband lifted a hand and gave Jill’s ass a slap, she let out a moan and bit her lower lip as he landed a second slap.

She gasped and turned her head to look back at him, “God slap that ass… I’m so fucking horny for you…” she said and then turned back to Kimberly, “He’s going to fuck me so good, use my hot little pussy like a man should. Maybe, if he’s still hard afterwards, he’ll fuck your face for a while… just to cool down.”

Jill had to admit that it was turning her on even more talking down to her one time rival, almost as much as her husband’s hands slapping her ass.

It was a small price to pay for putting Kimberly in her place, the service she used to break the woman had demanded a high price… changes to Jill as well. She hadn’t know at the time that her husband had set it all in motion, letting her find out about Kimberly’s advances, pointing her in the direction of the service, he had masterminded it all. That turned her on more than anything.

Now that she understood that he was truly in charge of her, she couldn’t wait for him to send her back for even more changes that would make her the perfect wife for her husband… not matter how he defined that.