“Fuck!” Linda thought as she looked down at her foot, the small peg that the front of her shoe was supposed to rest on had slipped again and was wedged between the heel and toe.

She managed to reposition her foot so it was under her toe once more and and then looked up at the screen in front of her as she worked the machine.

“Fuck toys must always be in perfect shape.” the screen read and a little shiver ran through her body.

She was near the end of her training, able to move around the facility on her own and maintain her own schedule as well. She looked to her left to the next machine where one of the newer fuck toys was stationed, her feet locked on to the peddles, her hands strapped to the handlebars, the machine running under power, and tears streaming down the girls face.

It wouldn’t last long, by this time next week the girl would be eagerly exercising on her own, though still need supervision most of the time. A week after that she’d be like Linda, free to manage her own time, but always working towards being the best fuck toy she could be.

Linda heard her machine beep and she looked down at the control panel, her time was up so she cooled down and then stepped off the machine. She grabbed her water bottle and took a drink before toweling off a little and then getting ready to head back to her room. There was a large dildo waiting for her there and her pussy needed some attention after the exercise session.

She was about to leave when the girl on the other machine caught her eye once more, a smile crossed Linda’s lips and she walked over to her, her heels clacking on the hard concrete floor.

The girl tried to look at her, but the neck brace held her head firmly in position. She let out a little whimper through the ball gag that was wedged between her lips and Linda smiled.

“Oh poor thing, I know how you feel, but don’t worry, it will get better. Here, let me help a little…” Linda said and set her water and towel down on the floor. She then reached out with one hand and grabbed one of the girls tits, her other hand slipped between the girls legs and found her pussy.

The girl squirmed and whimpered for a few moments and then quieted down, before her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to moan.

Linda knew the feeling well, it was one of the first things they programmed into new fuck toys like this girl, and Linda herself. Manual stimulation of the primary or secondary sex organs was always pleasurable and needed an appropriate response.

Linda looked down at the machine’s control panel and saw that the girl had another 30 minutes to go, too long for Linda to stay for the entirety of it, but she could spare a few minutes.

When Linda’s hands left her body, it didn’t take long for the girl to come back down from her pleasurable high and whimper once more. This time though Linda was sure it was because of Linda’s fingers having left her body.

Linda leaned into the girls ear and spoke softly, “If I’m still around when you have some free time, drop by by room. Fuck toys like us deserve to play together.”

Linda walked out of the exercise room, hoping that the girl didn’t take too long to come around. Linda figured she only had another four or five days of training left before she’d be shipped off to whoever had purchased her. The thought of her owner sent a shiver right down to her pussy and she moaned a little herself.

She quickened her pace back to her room, eager to use the dildo and daydream about her owner using her as the perfect fuck toy she was working so hard to be.