“Yes, I’m here you bastard!” Grace spat into her phone as she stood in the shopping mall.

It was humiliating! She was on track to become partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city and here she was, dressed up like some kind of bimbo at the mall!

“Good, stay there.” the voice on the other end said. She couldn’t tell who it was, it was masked with some kind of electronic distortion and the phone number was clearly spoofed.

She tapped her foot for a few minutes until suddenly someone took the coffee from her hand. She turned around quickly to see Tom standing there, lifting the cup to his lips and smiling.

“You’re fucking dead Tom.” she growled as he took a sip and smiled.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” he replied calmly.

This took her back a little. Tom was another lawyer at the firm and in competition with her for the partner position, but she’d never really considered him a threat. He was timid and skittish, always avoiding conflict and never leading, but she did know that some of the partners favoured him for some reason.

She’d gotten a look at his billing numbers, and they were impressive, that was for sure, but so where hers.

“One cream, two sugars, perfect.” Tom said as he finished his sip and then turned around and tossed the cup into the trash can behind him.

It was clearly a power play on his part, demanding the coffee and then not even drinking it, but she wouldn’t let that distract her.

“When I tell the partners about this…” she started to say but Tom just held up his phone with a photo displayed on it.

Her lips clapped shut instantly as he swiped through the blackmail material one photo at a time. It was three years ago, at an office party with her previous firm, with her clearly coming on to the her boss in various states of undress.

She’d successfully sued him for sexual harassment after he’d declined her advances, and won due to the lack of evidence to the contrary. The photos were that evidence and would ruin her career if they ever came out.

“What do you want…” she said in a low growl.

Tom turned his phone around and swiped it a few times, “Well, for starters, have you been following my instructions to the letter?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her breasts, “Yes.”

“Downloaded the app?”


“Been logging your daily routine in it?”


Tom nodded and the flipped his phone back around, “Ok, then let’s try this…”

A confused look crossed her face for a moment and then she looked at his phone again, a weird pattern displayed on it, that caused her to scrunch her forehead even more. Then her eyes defocused and rolled back into her head before her body slumped slightly.

Tom locked his phone and put it back into his pocket before Grace opened her eyes and a wide smile crossed her lips.

“Oh my god Tommy!” she squealed and threw her arms around him, landing a kiss right on his lips.

Tom’s hands found her ass and squeezed and Grace gave a moan as they kissed. She broke it off after a few moments and then stepped a half step away from him and let her hand rest on his chest.

“Like, it’s sooooo good to see you Tommy! Like what do ya wanna do today?” she asked as she held her purse behind her back and swayed from side to side a little.

“Well Gracie, I’m thinking we need to do a little shopping…” Tom replied, pointing down at her shoes, “Those don’t really match the rest of your outfit.”

giggle Like, I know! Do ya think they have any pink ones here?”

“I’m sure we can find something more suitable.” Tom nodded and wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand coming to rest on her ass. She leaned in and wrapped her arm around him as they started to walk off into the mall.

“Like, Tommy…” she started to say and looked up at him with big doe eyes, “…is there something else we can do… after shopping?” she asked, bitting her lower lip.

“Oh, you mean like going back to my place and fucking?” he asked.

She squealed and hugged him tightly, “Yes! Yes! Exactly like that!”

Tom chuckled as the walked through the mall and Gracie couldn’t wait to finish shopping.