A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday March 09, 2023

“Ugh Lacy? You’re top has come down again…” I said as woman across from me hardly noticed, looking half dazed at best.

giggle Like, opps!” she replied and pulled her top up just enough to cover her nipple just in time for David to enter my office.

“Brendon!” David said with a broad smile on his face as he extended his hand towards me.

I stood up from behind my desk as he arrived at it and we shook hands. Lacy’s eyes were darting between my crotch and David’s as the look in her eyes turned to lust.

“Have a seat David, you know Lacy of course.” I stated, first waving at the empty chair beside Lacy, then at Lacy herself.

“Of course I do! Lacy it’s so good to see you after so long!” David said as he sat down and then set his hand on her knee.

“Oh my god! Like you’re cute… giggle” she replied as she spread her legs a little and pushed her tits out.

David was far from cute of course, well past his prime, a little over weight, and balding, he was the typical police captain that was a little too interested in the power of the position.

“So, as I was saying Lacy, I think David her can help with your… fantasies.” I said speaking directly to Lacy, but her eyes were only on David.

“Like, ugh hun.” she said and then licked her lips a little.

“Why don’t you tell David about them…”

“Like, ok. Well, giggle I want to be a police office that, like, catches a really bad guy. But then, he totally turns the tables on me, and like, fuck my big fake tittes, or my puffy pink lips, or my pussy…” she paused for a moment and blushed, bowing her head a little and lower her voice, “… or even… my ass. giggle And like he just keeps doing it over and over again… I’m totally powerless to stop him… and then… like… I start to enjoy it… and then, he like, starts selling me like a cheap whore…”

She bit her lower lip and reached down and took hold of David’s hand, pushing it deep between her legs, “Like… can you help me with that?” she asked with pleading eyes.

David smiled and nodded, “Oh, I think I can help you, absolutely.” he replied, his fingers finding her sopping wet pussy and stroking it.

Lacy let out a low moan and leaned back in her chair, her hands pulling her top down so they could play with her tits.

I looked out my office doorway as Lacy’s ass swayed with each step she took towards the waiting room.

“Fuck, I knew you did good work Brendon, but I mean…”

“Well, you’ve been good to me, keeping the police from nosing around my practice too much. My clients very much appreciate their privacy. Lacy was an easy way to repay you.”

“Oh, I knew you could do the mental stuff. I interviewed a few of your previous ‘clients’, I’m fully aware of your ability to subvert even the strongest of wills. But… the body on her…”

I chuckled and smiled, “Well I can’t take credit for most of that. Oh, once she ‘retired’ from the force it was easy to get her to focus on gym time and all, but that can only go so far. Fortunately I know several other… specialists in my field which were more than happy to do a trade of work.”

“I’ll tell you what, my boss was pissed when she resigned! He was grooming her to replace him one day and couldn’t understand why she resigned. If he only knew the real reason…”

It was David’s turn to chuckle and I nodded in agreement.

“Well, I’ll let you take her home and have some fun.” I said, giving him a gentle slap on the back, “I’ve left a few… surprises in her mind that I think you’ll enjoy. If you want any tweaks, just have her make an appointment and I’ll take care of it.”

David extended his hand again and they shook once more, “Thanks Brendon. And let me know if you need anything.”

David walked from my office and walked up to Lacy, wrapping his arm around her waist and then they two of them left.

I stepped from my office in to the reception area and looked over at Cindy, the buxom blonde was eagerly typing away at her keyboard with her long fake nails.

“Cindy, when’s Mrs. Johnson due to arrive?”

“Not for another hour Sir.” Cindy said looking up but not stopping as her fingers flew over the keyboard.

“Alright, that gives you enough time to do some dictation.”

Cindy smiled and licked her lips, “Of course Sir.” she said as she stood up and followed me into my office before dropping to her knees and crawling under my desk.

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