Nicole reached out and touch the rough surface of the statue and then touched her own face, closing her eyes and remembering how it had been to stand out in the open, all day, for decades… centuries.

A wizard had brought her to life long ago, making her the perfect companion for him, but he was long dead now as well.

She enjoyed coming back to the courtyard where she had stood for so long, it reminded her of a simpler time, when she had no thoughts or worries.

Life was complicated, even with the vast wealth that the wizard had left her, everyone wanted her to make decisions, to tell them what to do… it was so frustrating.

“Well hello there…” she heard a man’s voice say and she opened her eyes to see a middle aged man standing in front of her. He was reasonably fit, and tall, but it wasn’t his physical appearance that excited her, it was the raw magical power that came off of him in waves.

“Hello… Sir.” she replied, the honorific seeming so natural rolling off her lips.

H smiled at her and a shiver ran down her spin as he stepped right up to her. He reached up and took her chin between his thumb and finger and moved her head from side to side, inspecting it.

“You know I always wondered what had happened to you. Roger, as great of wizard as he was, never could get the de-aging magic just right.”

She felt his power slip into her and he eyes went wide as she let out a small gasp. It pushed everything out of her mind, except one single thing, that easily rolled from her lips.


“That’s better.” he said, “Come along now, I have the perfect place to display you in my home… when you’re not in my bed of course.”

He lead her away and she knew that her new Master would keep her mind empty and her body on display… just like she had been all those centuries ago.