Jenna couldn’t believe what she was doing… dressed up in all pink, in a dress that was too tight and showed off her tits, her hair dyed bleach blonde, and wearing enough makeup to embarrass a clown!

The gaudy jewelery made it no better, and neither did the platform heels she was tottering on… but the worst part of all was that she was standing on a street corner in a seedy part of town… like some common hooker!

God that thought sent a shiver of pleasure coursing through her pussy and she almost let out a moan.

It was humiliating… and yet such a turn on!

She’d been training for this very day for months… since she quite her old job as a university professor and become Jacob’s little play thing.

The thought of Jacob sent another set of mixed emotions through her… her pussy getting even wetter, but her hatred of her former student masked behind the fake smile that was plastered across her face.

He had been a brilliant student, so much so that she was sure he was going to change the world… she just hadn’t realized that he’d start with her world first.

By the time she had recognized what was happening, the device that he had held in his hand had taken hold of her mind and it was too late. She had spent those first few days on her hands and knees, or on her back, or in any other position he wanted, pleasuring him in any way should could think of. And when she ran out of ideas, he supplied her with ones she never would have dreamed of.

There were two problems though; the first was as a university professor, she really didn’t have much in the way of savings. He’d burned through most of her savings within the first month.

The second problem was, that as a university professor, even as a young attractive one, she couldn’t compete with the girls on campus. Soon enough his attention had drifted away and he’d brought home one of the cheerleaders… then another.. and then another. By the time his harem no longer could be contained in her small home he was well past ready to move on.

But before he left, he gave her with one last “gift”. A simple agreement, that if she could bring him $100,000, in cash, from selling herself on the street like a cheep whore, he’d take her back for a week and fuck her like old times.

Her body shivered at the memory of the last time he’d fucked her, the pleasure, the power, the desire, the absolute bliss.

Just as the memory left her she saw a man walking down the street towards her. She quickly grasped her clutch behind her, pushing her tits out and swaying them from side to side, making direct eye contact with him.

“Hi baby… wanna have some fun?” she said.

The man grinned and stopped, looking her up and down, devouring her with his eyes.

“Maybe… how much for a blowjob?” he asked.

“Well, 20 bucks if you want it just in the alley, or 50 in your car.”

The man stepped in close, getting more confident, and reached around and grabbed her ass, “And what if I want to take you to a hotel a fuck those big fake tits and then cum all over your face?”

She rested her arms on his shoulders and licked her lips a little, “Baby, you can do that for a hundred… if you can promise not to get any in my hair.”

The man chuckled a little and then squeezed her ass, “Well, I can’t promise that, but I’ll see what I can do.”

She pushed right up against him and then twisted around until she was at his side, walking down the street to the cheep hourly motel that she knew she’d be spending a lot of time at in the future.

She hoped he’d be able to avoid cumming in her hair, not because that was any more humiliating that anything else that she had done, or was going to do, but simply because it would take time to clean up… time she could use to find another John, to earn more money, to get closer to getting back to Jacob.

And that was all that matter in the end… getting back to Jacob, where he’d fuck her into blissful oblivion, if only for a short while.