“Who me?” Kimmy said as she pointed to herself.

“Well is there anyone else around we’d be talking to?” Jason, her employer said with a smile on his face.

She blushed a little and looked around quickly, then back at the two men and shook her head from side to side.

“Sorry Sir, Kimmy not very smart. What can Kimmy do for you Sir.” she replied in a half whisper as she wiggled her way over to them and clashed her hands behind her back and lowered her head slightly.

“Well, to start with, why don’t you tell Tony here what you used to do for work…”

Kimmy blushed again and nodded, “Yes Sir. Kimmy used to be big brained physicist. Very famous. Kimmy make many big discoveries.”

“And now?” Jason prompted.

She blushed even harder, “Now Kimmy just dumb-dumb girl. Only discovery Kimmy make now is now big men’s cock is.” her eyes darting between the crotches of the two men.

“And your still a very curious girl, always looking for new discoveries. Since you already know how big cock is…” Jason said, nodding towards Tony.

“Yes Sir, Kimmy very curious. Kimmy want to know how big all cocks are. Kimmy want to measure each with her mouth and pussy.” she replied as she lowered herself on to her knees. Moments later she was taking Tony’s measurement with her mouth.

Jason walked out of the room and left Kimberly to her work with Tony. He kinda felt bad for his old mentor, she’d been brilliant and he’d enjoyed working under her immensely.

But when she’d made her last breakthrough, a technology that could alter reality itself, well he had been surprised by her request. He’d reluctantly agreed to it, using the machine to turn her into a less intelligent version of herself, one that could find happiness in the simplest of things.

Because no matter how smart she had been in her old life, she’d been unhappy, and she wanted nothing more than to be happy.

He’d taken a few liberties, still keeping to her request in spirit if not to the letter. She was very happy with the results of course, he’d made sure of that.