Stacy “felt” the click of the remote more than she heard it, but either way the result was going to be the same… he was going to change her again.

It has been weeks like this, every day or two he’d hit “pause”, freezing her in place, and then complete change who she was. At least on the surface, both her appearance and the way she acted, but he left her real self alone, buried under all the changes to watch from inside of her own head.

Yesterday he’d changed her into this hot blonde trophy wife, strutting around in the skimpy lingerie that had appeared on her body. Well, at least when she wasn’t bent over whatever piece of furniture was close at hand, screaming out his name and telling him what a sex god he was.

She watched him click a few button on the remote and then she felt her body start to shift. This time it was her breasts that she noticed first, the thin black material starting to shift to a lighter colour as they expanded underneath it. It was her height that she noticed next, she’d been strutting around on legs that went on for miles for the last day, towering over him, but now she could feel herself shrinking.

When all the changes were done, she knew she would be looking up at him, over the massive volume of her new tits. Then he pressed some more button and she felt the new personality slip into her head, pushing out the old trophy wife, but leaving her no less a passenger in her own body.

With one final click he unpaused her and her hands quickly clasped each other behind her back as she pushed her tits forward and giggled, the tiny pink bikini hardly holding them in.

“Like, baby, can I sock your cock… pleeeeeaaassseee?” she said in a high pitched bimbo voice that grated at her very sole but brought a smile to his face.

“Sure thing Stacy, if that’s what you really want to do…” he replied.

Her face lit up and she gave a little squeal as she flounced over to him and knelt down between his legs. Her puffy lips, that he’d stuck on to her face for this very purpose, quickly wrapped around his cock and she got to work.

Sliding up and down his shaft, her whole body shivered with pleasure, which was only a mild precursor to what she knew was coming when he unloaded into her mouth. The orgasms that had rocked her body over the last weeks were incandescent explosions of pure bliss… and were the only reason she’d stayed.

For all the power he wielded with the remote, he was still just the same dumb old guy she’d dated for years, and there had been lots of opportunities to leave if she’d wanted to. When he went to sleep, when he went to do the grocery shopping, when he went to work… all times she could have simply left and walked away. All times she hadn’t.

She tasted his cum and both she and the bimbo that currently shared her head started to orgasm, over and over again, until she couldn’t tell if there were two of them or just one, but it didn’t matter.

Just like it didn’t matter what he changed her into next time, the orgasms would be the same as they always were, and that was all that matter to her now.