Lana parted her jacket and showed Nick the extent of her problem.

“Come on Nick, you’re the only one I can turn to…” she said, the gold scabs reaching all the down to her breasts now.

It was a virus, a nano-virus that had infected her when she’d been trying to hack in to MegaCorp. It was part of their defenses and she hadn’t been able to neutralize it in time. She’d done her best to slow it down, but she needed some like Nick, that was an expert on the nano-machines that lived in everyone these days.

Nick nodded his head solemnly, “Well, at least your counter measures have slowed it down… get in the chair and let me take a look.” he replied.

She walked over to the chair and started to sit in it only to have Nick speak up again.

“Better get undressed, gonna need full access to get you out of this one.”

She let out a sigh and complied, quickly stripping naked before taking a seat in the chair once more. It was like a dentists chair and she was more laid out than sitting upright, making her feel even more exposed.

She’d hated to have to come to Nick, he was the best, but he’d had a huge crush on her since they had first met that wasn’t reciprocated. He’d asked her out a few times, and she’d always said no. It made things awkward, but this was no time for such trivial matters.

She heard Nick furiously typing away at his keyboard, and then felt her body get pulled down into the chair ever so slightly as his counter nano-bots invaded her body.

As time passed, she watched the gold scabs fused together and spread farther down her chest, completely covering her breasts. She could feel them covering more and more of her face as well.

“Nick… what’s going on?” she asked nervously.

“Just a sec…” he replied and his typing increased in speed.

It was more than a second, or a minute, but eventually as she watched the gold scabs approaching her belly button, he stopped and stood up before walking over to her.

She tried to turn her head to look at him, but whatever the nano-virus was doing had finally immobilized her.

“Well…” Nick said, “I’ve got good news, bad news, and good news. Which do you want first?” he asked.

“B… Bad n… news…” she managed to get out in a slight stutter.

“Well, the bad news is that I can’t stop the nano-virus, it was too far along when you got here. If you’d arrived maybe ten minutes earlier…”

“…g…good… news?” she asked knowing he was obviously keeping something back.

“Well the first good news is that while I can’t stop it, I’ve managed to alter it’s programming. For starters, it’s no longer trying to reach out to MegaCorp.”

Lana felt a wave of relief wash over her, she’d put in the communications block as the first thing she’d done. The last thing she wanted was a team of MegaCorp goons showing up and taking her away to some black site.

She tried to move her lips to form the words to ask what the other good news was, but they just flapped slightly at the effort as she felt the gold scabs cover them.

“The other good news, is well, good news for me I’m afraid, not so much for you. You see that MegaCorp nano-virus is really advanced… and I mean really advanced. It has features that are going to take me a quite a while to figure out, but the one that caught my attention first was the brain rewiring subprocess. It was going to rewire your mind to be a completely obedient doll, so when their people came to pick you up, there would be no issues.” he explained as he reached out and ran his finger down the side of her face.

“I’ve rewritten it slightly, just enough to make it suit my purpose”

She felt the golden scabs finally reach her pussy and instantly she felt her body jerk as she arched her back and let out a loud gasp as her eyes rolled back into her head and she lost consciousness.

Lana blinked several times and then sat up on the chair, throwing her legs over the side of it. She quickly took stock and found herself… well, to be herself still.

That wasn’t quite right, the gold scabs were gone and she wasn’t some mindless doll, but there were things that she could tell were different.

For starters, her tits were larger. Not huge, but up several cup sizes from her old modest breasts. There were other small things, her waist was a little thinner, her skin a little smoother, etc.

But she knew there was something different in her mind as well. Like when she looked at her tits and could only think of them as tits. She’d never done that before, never used such a crude word to describe any part of the body.

There was that too… the body. Not her body, because she didn’t own it. Couldn’t own it. Nick owned it and her.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as she let out a small moan at the thought.

“Ah, you’re up.” Nick’s voice said as she looked over towards the entrance to his workshop to see him standing there. She quickly jumped from the chair, pushed her tits out, clasped her hands behind her back and bowed her head slightly.

She heard his footsteps come over and then his feet come into view as she stood in front of her. She watched his hand raise up and take hold of her chin, lifting her head until she was looking right into his eyes.

“How does it feel Lana?” he asked.

Her eyes widened for a moment as a torrent of thoughts flooded her mind, then she replied, “It feels so very good to belong to you.”

Nick smiled and placed his lips on her and kissed her. Her knees almost gave out from beneath her, but she managed to return the kiss; passionately, forcefully, eagerly.

By the time he broke off the kiss, his hands where on her hips and before she could do anything, he spun her around and pushed her down onto the chair.

She reached around behind her, her hands coming to rest on her ass cheeks, and then she spread them wide just in time to hear Nick’s pants hit the floor.

When he slide inside of her, she squealed in delight, “Fuck me Nick! Fuck that tight little cunt! Use me like the slutty cock whore I always have been!”

More dirty words and thoughts filled her mind, and she knew he’d put them there with the nano-virus from MegaCorp. She knew this would only be the start of what he’d do to her, not only from what he had already put in her mind, but all the things he’d use her for to explore the other features of the nano-virus he hadn’t yet hacked.

And she knew she’d love every minute of it.