Tracey rubbed her temple and blinked several times, where was she? What was she doing on the floor?

She looked around and noticed a few things right away; she was clearly in a hotel hallway, she was dressed like a high class hooker, and her breasts were massive!

She looked down beside her and saw a purse sitting to her left and grabbed it. Quickly opening it she pulled out, what she assumed, was her wallet and phone. A quick check of her drivers license with what was clearly her face… but with jet black hair, plump lips and heavy makeup. It also had a revolting name on it… Dede Swallows.

She tapped the power button on her phone and it came to life, another almost unrecognizable photo of her as the background, stuffed into a tight red dress, her breasts overflowing and a look of joy on her face as she flashed a peace sign at the camera.

She was about to unlock it when it rang, showing “Thomas” in the caller ID. She swiped to answer and placed the phone against her head.

“Where the fuck are you Dede!?!” the voice on the other end yelled and she moved the phone away from her head.

“What… who is this?” she sputtered back in shock.

“Fuck… again?” he said rhetorically, “Ok… ok… Alpha Omega Tango Tango.” he said in an very authoritative voice.

Instantly her eyes shot open and she let out a gasp, just before she slumped against the wall and her eyes closed once more. The phone never left the side of her head though.

“Are you there Dede?”

giggle Yes Sir.” she replied in a soft voice.

“Good, tell me where you are.”

“Like, I’m in a hotel hallway, totally sitting on the floor! giggle

“Oh! Good, alright, hang tight for a moment.”

“Like… k…”

Dede relaxed and then heard a door opening a little ways down the hall, followed by footsteps that came right up to her and then stopped.

“Dede… open your eyes, put on your shoes and get up and put your phone away.”

giggle Like, ok.”

She followed the instructions and in a few moments stood up in front of Thomas, a soft smile on her face.

“Ok Dede, tell me the last thing you remember before hearing my voice on the phone.”

“Uhm… like, I was getting so dizy, that, like, I was having problems walking in my heels. So I took them off, and like, when I went to stand back up, it got totally worse and I had to sit down on my bum.”

Thomas nodded, “Alright, let’s double check things. Tell me who you are and what you do.”

Dede giggle again before answering, “Like, I’m Dede Swallows, an internet porn star! giggle

“And what are you doing here tonight?”

“Like, some of my biggest fans are gonna totally fuck me! giggle

“Good, good. Alright, let’s finish up then. Omega, Omega, Omega.”

Dede’s whole body shivered and then an orgasm crested. Once it passed her body relaxed and she smiled at Thomas.

“Oh my god Tommy, like hi! giggle” she enthused and then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pushed her tits up against his chest.

“Hey Dede, ready to meet your fans?” Thomas asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and then grabbed her ass.

“Like, totally! giggle

“Great, let’s go then.” he replied and maneuvered around beside her, his one hand still on her ass as they walked down the hallway.

Tommy had her scheduled for several of these meets with her fans this weekend and she couldn’t wait to drain each and every single one of them of every drop of cum they had.