Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Debbie played with a strand of her hair as she sat in the corner waiting for Mrs. Lipsome to return. It wasn’t her fault that the old hag didn’t trust anybody.

She looked at the apple that was placed on the desk between her heels and let her hand split between her legs and start to rub her pussy.

It was just an apple after all, she thought as she bit her lower lip and took in a deep breath… at least it was just an apple she’d soaked in a brine solution that she was sure would make it the saltiest apple anyone had ever tasted.

Just as she started to really get into rubbing herself to the thought of the look on Ms. Lipsome’s face if she’d bit into the apple, she heard the door to the classroom start to open and she quickly pulled her fingers from between her legs and sat upright in the desk.

“Principal Hardcock!” she squealed as soon as he walked into the classroom and her pussy moistened even more than it had been from her ministrations.

“Hello Debbie…” he said as he walked over, his eyes fixed on the apple until he arrived in front of her desk and took it in his hand.

Debbie squirmed a little in her seat and pushed her chest out, but bowed her head a little to avoid making eye contact with him.

Principal Hardcock lifted the apple to his nose and took a sniff and she knew she was busted.

“Such a sweet gesture, bringing an apple in for the Ms. Lipsome.” he said and gestured for her to stand up with a finger on his free hand as he continued to inspect the apple.

She shuffled out of the desk and came around in front of it, so she was between it and him, still not raising her head.

“Ms. Lipsome would like to thank you for the gift, but of course she must decline it. Can’t have any accusations of favouritism in the class now can we?” he asked.

Debbie shook her head from side to side, “No Sir.”

“But such a shame for such a ripe, red apple to go to waste… don’t you agree?”

“Yes Sir.” she replied, knowing exactly where this was going.

“Good, then open wide…”

She looked up and complied, open her mouth as wide as she could. With a practiced motion Principal Hardcock pushed the flesh of the apple into her top teeth and then rotated the apple into her mouth so that it was pushed even wider open before her lower teeth bit into the flesh as well.

The taste of the salty brine tricked down into her mouth and she almost gaged, “Don’t bite through it yet young lady…”

She managed to avoid closing her jaw just as Principal Hardcock grabbed her hips and twirled her around, pushing her forward onto the desk, her glasses crashing to the floor.

The next thing she heard was the sound of his belt buckle clattering on the hard linoleum as well. Then it took every once of her strength not to snap her jaw shut as he flipped her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side, and pushed right into her pussy.

He pounded her for what seemed like forever, the salty brine that she sucked in with every pump offset by the wave of pleasure that coursed through her with each one.

She couldn’t take it any more, she was going to orgasam, but just before she did he grabbed her hair and pulled her up off the desk, hard onto his cock, and reached around with his free hand and held the apple.

“Bite it… chew it… swallow it…” she did so, bitting the apple, sending spurts of brine into her mouth. She chewed it, sending streams of tears down her face.

Then she swallowed it, just as she felt him cum inside of her and her orgasam exploded.

Debbie smiled in bliss as Principal Hardcock’s cum dribbed down her leg as she was laid out over the desk. The apple had fallen down onto the chair and she stared at it contently as she Principal Hardcock got dressed once more.

He left the classroom without saying a word, but Debbie didn’t mind, she was already busy planning out how to make more apples to bring into school for the teachers.