“April fools!” the five clones said as they let out a giggle together.

Well, four clones, one of them was the original Mandy.

“Mandy! What did I say about using the cloning booth?!?” I replied, shaking my head.

The five of them giggled again and tackled me to the ground, pushing their bodies up against mind, their hands desperately going for my groin.

It was hard being an evil genius sometimes, but right now wasn’t one of them.

Later on the other hand… well, what did you do with four clones? It was hard enough explaining Mandy! The hot young asian that looked suspiciously like “The Crimson Maiden”, hanging off the arm of a old balding man that was a known, if reformed, supervillain.

I managed to just drag myself back towards the house before they got my pants off, but all five of them followed quickly and I hardly got in the door before I was tackled again.

This time though one of them managed to get my pants down around my ankles and another quickly took the opportunity to wrap her lips around my dick. It wasn’t long before all six of us were naked and a mass of flailing arms and legs on the floor.

One of them managed to get positioned so she could take my balls into her mouth, another stuffed her tits into my face, and the other two positioned themselves so that they could suck on my nipples as I played with their pussies with my hands.

Every few minutes they’d trade places, giving each of them a turn until the first one returned and straddled my cowgirl style, the other four surrounded her and encouraged her, and me, playing with each other’s bodies.

It didn’t take long for me to unload inside of the one on my dick, and all five of them orgasmed at the same time. The Mandy that was riding me collapsed on top of me, keeping me inside of her as long as she could.

I brushed away her hair and say the small flashing red light on the back of the choker she was wearing and gave her a tut-tut.

“Oh Mandy, you naughty girl… using the mind linking collars as well!”

She giggled and nodded, “Yeah, like, I couldn’t figure out how to implant, like, a personality and memories in the clones. So, like, I just spread mine around to all of them. giggle

I reached around and gave her ass a hard slap, “Naughty girl.” I said mockingly and all five of them gasped and giggled at the same time.

I reached up and unclipped the choker from Mandy’s neck and instantly the four clones collapsed like marionettes with their strings cut.

Cleaning up the clones would have been hard enough if they’d had full personalities and memories, four blank ones was going to take a lot of work. Fortunately I knew several of my old colleagues that would gladly take them off my hands once they had been suitably updated.

After all, I was a reformed supervillain because of her, not because I had seen the light from her heroic deeds or anything, but from the fact that once I’d defeated her and made her my obedient slave, all my time was taken up satisfying her seemingly unending need for sex.

I just no longer had any time left for world domination.