“Excuse me Sir…” Jenna said as she looked over the tops of her glasses, “…if you keep staring at my ass we’re not going to get any work done today.”

It was true, her pussy was already buzzing with need after just the few seconds he’d been ogling her ass. It was only one of the many problems she faced as his personal assistant.

When she’d first started the job, she hadn’t know he had a pron studio as well as his more “respectable” endeavors, and if she had she’d never have taken the position.

It hadn’t taken long though for him to wriggle his way into her mind and change her outlook on many things, including porn.

She knew he had some kind of power, even if she hadn’t experienced it herself, she would have been able to see it’s effect on the actresses he had under contract. Young women, with promising futures, throwing them away to shake their asses on screen and degrade themselves before each and every cock that they saw.

He stood up and walked over to her, then slapped her ass firmly and smiled, “You’re right of course.” he replied.

“I guess that’s why I keep you around. Alright then, what’s on tap for today?” he asked, resting his hand on her ass and rubbing it.

“Puh… please Sir… that’s… that’s very distracting…” she managed to get out and he replied with a chuckle.

“Oh, sorry about that.” he replied and took his hand from her ass. She pouted slightly at the loss of his touch, but composed herself and continued on.

“Thank you Sir. Well to start with we have Hannah’s first anal scene. You were very clear you wanted to be onsite when it happened.”

He nodded in agreement, “Yes, absolutely.” he replied.

Hannah was a relatively new acquisition, and Jenna had done the paperwork for her contract herself. The California blonde was bright and bubbly, very friendly and wholesome. She’d been enrolled in university to study medicine and was well on her way to becoming a surgeon. She’d signed a long term contract with her boss and had already completed a half dozen movies since she dropped out of school.

The first few had focused on pretty tame, almost romantic, scenes. She’d really taken off with her natural good looks and down to earth personality. But things had ramped up as her scenes became more hard core, more raunchy, and she’d started to act more and more like a sex crazed slut.

Today’s anal scene was just another step along the path that her boss had laid out for her. Jenna had scene the details in the contract, her first surgery would be in the next month or so, and by this time next year Hannah would hardly be recognizable as the fresh faced girl that she had started out as.

“And then you have the meeting with Mrs. Reynolds at lunch.” Jenna continued.

Jenna felt sorry for Mrs. Reynolds in some ways, she was the CEO of a company that her boss wanted to buy, and normally that wasn’t much of an issue. Her boss wasn’t a monster, at least not totally, and as long as he was treated fairly and professionally, he often got what he wanted without exerting his power.

Mrs. Reynolds had done neither, and been very abusive and rude during the first meeting he had with her around buying her out. Her boss had smiled and let it wash over him like water off a ducks back, only to setup another meeting and another.

It was something Jenna had figured out about his power, whatever it was, it wasn’t instant. He could make tiny changes very rapidly, but for more significant changes, he needed multiple encounters with his target.

This would be at least a dozen meeting with Mrs. Reynolds, which was far more than he needed, and in fact he’d already completed the acquisition of her company a few weeks ago. Today’s meeting was more of a checkup to see how the changes he’d made were progressing.

At their last meeting the changes had already done a real number on her, gone was the uptight business woman, replaced with an airheaded slut. She’d babbled on all during that lunch about how she was divorcing her husband, spending all her time at the gym and salon, and had already scheduled her boob job.

Jenna wasn’t sure if he’d sign her to his porn studio at some point, after all the sex crazed MILF was always popular and Mrs. Reynolds certainly qualified now.

“After that we have the interviews for the intern position.”

That brought a smile to his face, “Anyone interesting?”

“Oh yes Sir. Several very interesting candidates. A very nice looking latino, a cute asian, and one of nordic decent that looks like she could be a supermodel if she wanted.”

He nodded and then walked out towards the main studio where Hannah was getting ready for her big scene. Jenna followed along behind him, the need in her pussy not waning, but knowing it wouldn’t be addressed for quite some time.

If she was lucky, her boss might fuck her before sending her home for the day, but if not, well, she hand her trusty vibrator at home waiting for her. That and the huge library of porn that she still had to get through.

She’d seen her own contract of course, she’d signed it after all. One day one of the interns, or someone else would take her position and she’d get promoted to the directors chair.

She kept telling herself that was why she was watching all that porn in her free time, and masturbating to it. Deep down though, somewhere that she never let her thoughts wander to, she knew it was only partly true.