Miko was so proud of herself, she’d managed to get into a prestigious university entirely on her own merits, with a full scholarship as well!

There had been challenges too, being from a poor family, without any family connections to help, let alone the duel stereotypes she had to fight at every step of the way.

The first was her asian heritage, between having to show men that she wasn’t some meek little girl that they could push around, nor was she some bookworm math genius either.

The second, was, well, her breasts. Sure, there were some men that sexualized her because of some ridiculous asian fetish, but they were a very small minority of men. But every man sexualized her because of her large breasts, that seemed to be universal.

That was all in the past now, she had succeed where everyone had expected her to fail and now she was in an enviroment where none of that was going to be a problem.

Miko had almost slapped her math professor, his constant stares at her chest during his lecture was bad enough! But when she’d, reluctantly, dropped by his office hours for some additional help with the course work, well staring had moved on to more suggestive language.

It had turned out she’d been completely wrong about university being a better environment, it was in fact worse. Not only were the male students always hitting on her and making lewd suggestions, but the female students all looked at her with disdain and distrust.

And that didn’t even include the professors, the worst of which was her aforementioned math professor, David Watson.

When she’d called him out on it he’d been very apologetic, claiming it was just a misunderstanding, but she didn’t misunderstand a thing. In some ways she was glad he’d been apologetic about it, instead of threatening. She’d thought about it later and realized he could completely torpedo her grades if he wanted to.

In the end he’d sent her a link to a private share of study material that he said would definitely help her with his math course. She’d raised an eyebrow and asked if it was cheating, but he assured her it wasn’t, that it only contained information that could be found in the course books, just in a more concise way.

Miko had really started to excel in Professor Watson’s math class, the study material had really helped in the past few weeks!

Well, that and the fact that she had started to ignore all the guys hitting on her and the girls trying to bring her down. She wasn’t sure exactly when it had happened, but as some point, it had just stopped being important to her.

Which had given her more time to concentrate on things that were important to her. Things like fashion and makeup that she’d never paid that much attention to at all.

She really did have to remember to drop by Professor Watson’s office hours again and show him how much she appreciated all that he’d done for her.

Miko snapped the self and then added a message to it, “Having a great time, wish you where here… kisses.”, and then hit send.

A moment later David’s reply came in, “Looking great, have fun.”

It was spring break and it was the first time she’d ever done anything but study. Oh she was still studying of course, David’s amazing study material continued to show her new and interesting things all the time and she would never stop studying them!

But for this spring break, she’d decided to let lose a little, and headed down to Florida to experience a real spring break week. She’d talked it over with David and he’d thought it was a great idea.

A little shiver of pleasure ran through her at the memory of their conversation, she’d been on her knees, between his legs, sucking his dick when she asked him about it between slurps.

She looked around the pool, seeing just a few people in it, and then slipped into the hot tub, setting her phone down. A another quick check and she slipped her hands beneath the water and started to masturbate to the thought of David’s hard cock between her lips.

Miko almost ran up the walkway to David’s doorstep and then rang the doorbell, she was having a hard time containing herself after finally returning from spring break.

She could hear his footsteps approaching and as soon as he opened the door, she pushed her self up against him and into his home. The door had barely closed behind her when she dropped to her knees and her fingers attacked his zipper.

“God David, I need your dick so badly…” she said, but before she could fish it from his pants she felt him place his hand on her head and push her back.

She looked up at him in confusion, his smile sending shiver through her, “Not quite yet Miko… there’s something I want you to do first.”

“Of course! Anything you want!” she hastily replied.

“Good, go up to my bedroom and change into what’s on my bed. Then come down to the living room.”

Her eyes darted to his crotch several times but eventually she pushed herself up on to her feet and made a hasty path to his bedroom.

Miko walked down the stairs and into the living room, where she saw a pink fur rug. She knew exactly what to do and walked over to it and knelt down onto it.

She pushed her chest out and started to play with her hair a little, “Do you like me like this David? Your sexy little asian bimbo doll showing off her big round tits?”

David’s smile told her everything she needed to know and almost orgasmed right then and there. But instead and jiggled her tits, swayed her ass, and then crawled over between his legs and finally got what she desired most.

Miko opened the letter and smiled, she knew it was coming, in fact she was surprised it hadn’t arrived earlier. Perhaps it had though, she hadn’t been back to her apartment in almost a month with all the time she was spending at David’s.

Either way, it was from the university, telling her that her grades had slipped so much that she was being expelled.

It was the best news she’d ever had.

She let out a little giggle and then tossed it in the recycling before heading into the kitchen to start dinner for when David arrived home in an hour or so.

Miko stood beside David in a tight pink dress, towering heels, and a radiant smile on her face. They were in her apartment with the movers, David was directing them on what to do with each box, most were going to the dump. The rest were going to David’s basement for storage, she really didn’t need anything from her old life now.

Not when she had David. She’d spent the last few months alternating between being the perfect house wife for him, and a living sex doll at night. And she had to admit she loved both.

In fact, the only thing that interrupted the cycle between them was the time she continued to review David’s study material he’d given her so long ago. She knew she didn’t need it for university any more, that was long in her past now, but there was something about reviewing it that made her happy and so she continued to do so, even if she didn’t understand it anymore.

“What do you want done with this one?” one of the movers asked, and Miko looked at the box.

In black marker, “Trophies and Awards” was written on it.

David turned to her and smiled, “What do you think Miko, to the dump?”

Miko smiled and giggled, then pushed up against David and rubbed her tits against him a bit, “Whatever you say honey.” she replied nodding her head.

“Dump it is.” David replied and gave the mover and head nod.

The mover just shrugged his shoulders and took the box away.

Miko just loved agreeing with David, it made her horny, and when she was horny she was sure to get David’s dick stuffed into her one way or another.

And she was right! When the movers had finished and left, he closed the door behind them and then took her to the kitchen, pulled her skirt up to reveal her bare pussy, and down to reveal her bare tits, and then lifted her up onto the counter.

She spread her legs and pushed her pussy right up to the edge of the counter as he dropped his pants and then drove his dick deep into her pussy as he buried his face between her tits.

Miko laid down in front of the fireplace and let the heels of her shoes bounce off her ass as she watched David reading his tablet.

She was the luckiest girl in the world!

Oh, he hadn’t put a ring on it or anything, but she knew that wasn’t for the kind of girl she was. No, she was just a big old set of tits and tight little peice of ass. Not the kind of girl you married, the kind of girl you fucked.

No, she was the luckiest girl in the world because David had fucked her six ways to Sunday and yet still kept her around for more.

He could easily have had his pick of the fresh young girls in his classes at the university, but instead he continued to let her keep his house and suck his cock. And all she had to do was being his submissive little asian sex doll. It was too perfect to be true.

Her eyes brightened when she saw him set the tablet down and look over in her direction.

“Hey Miko… I think it’s a titty fuck night, you up for that?”

Miko giggled and crawled over between his legs, quickly taking her top off and then his pants. She wrapped her tits around his cock and started to pump up and down.

“Miko loves her big tities fucked! Miko is big titty fuck toy! You fuck Miko’s big titties so good!” she said as she continued to pump up and down, each stroke sending a wave of pleasure through her tits right to her pussy.

David leaned back and let her continue, every once in a while as she stroked down she’d take the tip of his cock between her lips and suckle it for a moment before continuing again.

When she could tell he was about to release, she pulled back slightly, grabbed his cock with her hands and started to pump it, making sure it was aimed right at her tits. The first spray of cum send a small orgasm through her, the next one was more powerful.

When the last stream of cum hit her tits, she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked every last drop of cum from his balls. Afterwards, she scooped up as much as she could from her tits and licked it from her fingers.

“Mmmmm… Miko loves your cum baby. Miko not waste a drop! giggle

She then suckled his dick some more before putting it away and crawling back over to the rub in front of the fireplace, happy and content that she was exactly where she was meant to be.