Jill gave a tug at the outfit, trying to get it to ride a little high, to cover a little more of her chest, but failed to do much but giver herself a little wedgie.

“Come on Tom, is this really necessary?” she half whined as her boyfriend stood by the bedroom door with a grin.

“Well, no, not really. At least if you don’t want any more of this…” he said, waving a small box of chocolate in his hand.

Her lip trembled and her mouth salivated as her eyes went wide and focused on the box… god she wanted it so badly!

She could only imagine what cocaine or crack was like, but she couldn’t imagine them being any more addictive than the sweet little chocolates Tom had given her for Easter. They tasted so good! And… and they made her so horney too!

She’d tried to stretch the box that he’d given her out, but she couldn’t help herself and they were gone in just a couple of days. She also couldn’t help herself from being all over Tom those days as well, she’d sucked and fucked him a half dozen times and had still been wanting more.

She’d managed to hold out for a day or two without them, but then she broke down and asked him where he got them… fully intending on ordering some more for herself. He just grinned and refused to tell her, saying that if she wanted some more, he would get them for her.

She’d lasted another day before agreeing.

But they didn’t come without strings. At first it was just little things, but now it had escalated to a full on production if she wanted one… and she definitely wanted one.

She took in a deep breath and tried not to roll her eyes, then grabbed her hands behind her back, smiled and bounced a little, “Hey baby! Like, Bunny wants a treat! giggle

Tom jiggled the box of chocolates and turned to enter the bedroom, Jill let out a little squeal and “hopped” along behind him. It wasn’t long before she was sucking on one of the chocolates, face down on the bed, her ass in the air and Tom pounding her from behind.

Bunny knelt down beside the couch and flicker her hair a little, hoping to catch Tom’s attention. She was horny, like always, but especially so at the moment for some reason.

She smiled as he turned his head towards her, looking away from the TV, and she jiggled her tits a bit as well.

He extended out his finger and called her over to him, she quickly hopped her way over and snuggled up to his leg.

“Bunny wanna treat! Bunny so horny!” she exclaimed and rubbed up against his leg. He let out a soft laugh and spread his legs apart, letting her get in between them.

She pushed her tits up against his crotch and bounced up and down, “Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!” she squealed and giggled as she did so. After a few minutes of rubbing his dick with her tits, she managed to get his pants off and wrap her lips around his hardening shaft.

Bunny was so lucky! She had the best owner any pet could want! He gave her treats all the time, wether it was the yummy chocolate ones, or the even yummier ones like she was sucking on now!

He even gave her big fake titties and took away all those silly thoughts she used to have. So was so happy that all she had to do was be the best little fuck bunny she could be and her owner would be as happy as he could be with her!

Her grabbed ahold of her hair and pulled her up and off of his dick, spinning her around and then pushed aside her outfit from her pussy. She giggled and quickly lowered herself onto him, bouncing up and down.

“Fuck Bunny! Fuck Bunny! Fuck Bunny! giggle” she screamed as orgasmic bliss washed over her.

She couldn’t take it for long, nor did she have to, as she soon felt him release inside of her and her world exploded with pleasure.