Kathy looked down the hallway towards the CEO’s office and hoped he’d find her attire appropriate. If not she could get the jacket off quickly enough and she had her nipples covered in black tape at worst.

The office was so different since that day when the strange man had come in and demanded to see the CEO, Jennifer Whales. Jennifer had come out to see what all the commotion was about and that’s when it had happened.

Kathy could feel the power flowing out from his mind, washing over the crowd that had formed to watch the commotion. But for her it was kind of like being side swiped in a car, sure you knew you’d been hit, but you didn’t quite know what the damage was until later when you got out to look at it.

Being in the back of the crowd, she had felt the same way, knowing full well that he’d changed something, but not sure what it was.

Those at the front of the crowd, including Jennifer, wern’t so lucky… or were lucky? It was hard to say really.

None the less, Kathy knew procrastination wasn’t the answer and so she walked down the hallway and knocked on Jennifer’s door.

“Come in.” Jennifer said and Kathy opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her.

She was seated behind her desk, her jet black hair done up in a pony tail, her thin dark rimmed glasses offsetting the bright red lipstick. She was wearing a white latex top that was skin tight, but had a collar on it, below which a black latex corset constricted her waist, hanging from her neck was a black latex tie as well.

“You wanted to see me Ma’am?” Kathy said and Jennifer looked up from her computer screen and rolled her eyes.

“Oh dear, that will never do, get that thing off right this instant!”

Kathy’s world crashed around her and she quickly removed her jacket, “Yes Ma’am.”

“That’s better, now how long have you had your implants for?”

“Three years Ma’am.” she replied.

She’d gotten them because she’d always thought her breasts were too small, and she’d finally been able to afford them. At the time, she’d thought the implants were too big and had even considered having them replaced, but that was no longer the case.

It had taken a few days for her to realize the change, a nagging feeling in the back of her head that something wasn’t quite right about her body. When she found herself masturbating in the shower one morning though, her hands constantly massaging her breasts, and climaxing without touching her pussy… well, she figured it out fast enough.

She’d already reached out to her plastic surgeon and scheduled an appointment to talk about how much bigger she could go.

“Well, Mr. Dean likes them… big. Is that a problem?”

“No Ma’am, not at all.”

“Good, I’m assigning you to his account permanently. You have an appointment with him at 3pm this afternoon in his office. Don’t be late.”

“Thank you Ma’am, of course not Ma’am.”

Kathy then turned and left Jennifer’s office and went back to her own. Unlike her, the change in Jennifer had been instantaneous. When she’d come in to the office the next day Jennifer had been covered head to toe in latex, barking out orders, and restructuring the company from top to bottom.

Arriving back at her desk, she quickly checked her e-mail and calendar, finding Mr. Dean’s appointment and location already waiting for her. She checked her watch and then quickly made for the exit.

She had enough time to head home and find something more appropriate to wear to the meeting, perhaps a nice push up bra that would really show off her tits?

As she walked out of the main entrance she saw a man working on the sign hung on the wall outside. On the floor was the old one, “Women’s Advocacy Group Inc.”.

She smiled as the new one was being hung, “Whore’s Advocacy Group Inc.”

God she loved being a whore… it was the best part of the job, the reason she’d joined the company in the first place.