“You bastard, look at what you’ve made me do!” Teresa typed and then sent the selfie to Aaron and a little shiver of pleasure ran through her.

Just a few months ago she’d been a happily, if a few pounds overweight, employed lawyer at a respectable law firm. Now she was an unemployed gym rat. She’d been spending all her time getting her stomach flat and her ass firm, and she knew where it was going.

Her phone binged and she looked at the reply, “Hahaha… I know right? I can’t wait to see you with those tits stuffed full of silicone.”

She wanted to throw her phone across the room at the wall, but she didn’t. Instead she did the only thing she could and typed out a reply.

“Fuck you! I’ll use my big fake tits to pummel you into unconsciousness!”

She knew it wasn’t true, it hadn’t take her long to figure out she had little choice when it came to Jason.

She wasn’t sure if it was bad luck, or something more sinister, that she’d been assigned him as a client at the firm she used to work for. It wasn’t a hard case, just a simple misdemeanor for disturbing the peace. She had it taken down to just a fine in no time.

The first sign that something was wrong came when she paid the fine for him. She’d thought it strange at the time, but even stranger was when she continued to chat and see him after the case was over.

After just a couple of weeks she had put in her resignation and realized that he had some kind of power that was impossible to fight. He’d given her some simple instructions, and then left her to follow them.

The first had been simple enough, go to the gym and get in shape. She didn’t even have to ask what kind of shape he wanted, she knew it without saying a word.

The second had been worse, get a set of big fake tits. She’d figured out a small loophole in that one at least, as it was the second instruction, she could do it after she completed the first one. It was a small victory, but she would take any victory she could at this point.

She could at least tolerate the second, if not like it, and she could definitely stretch it out over months, but the third was where she knew she would have no loophole… become a dumb bimbo fucktoy for me.

And the last was the one she was doing even now, keep me up to date and send lots of photos.

Her phone binged again and she looked at her messages, this time it wasn’t from Aaron, so she switched over to the thread it was one. A shiver ran through her as she read it.

“Please confirm you’re appointment with Dr. Swanson on Thursday by replying with a C.”

Her fingers went to work and sent the required reply. She’d spend weeks researching plastic surgeons and Dr. Swanson was the best she could find… and also the busiest.

If she was lucky he wouldn’t be able to fit her in for months… maybe even a year.

She knew it was stalling tactic… but it was all she had.

She let out a sigh and went back to the stair climber and got back on it. Perhaps another twenty minutes on it would take her mind off of the inevitable… but probably not. At least she’d had another photo to send him and the jolt of pleasure that came with following his instructions was just too hard to resist.