A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday April 26, 2023

“Hey Bambi… how are you making out?” I asked as I looked down at the buxom blonde laid out on the couch in the corner of the room.

Half dazed, she made eye contact with me and parted her lips slightly, then blinked, “Like, ok baby… wanna fuck? giggle

I chuckled and shook my head from side to side, it had been a long night for her, in fact if the blackout blinds hadn’t been drawn, the sun would have been streaming in to the room. I reached my hand out and she took it so I could pull her upright.

“How many guys did you fuck tonight Bambi?” I asked and she giggled again.

“Like… ugh… one… two…” she started counting on her fingers, when she had to cross over to her other hand her eyes went cross eyed and a giggle fit erupted from her lips.

When she managed to recover she looked at me, “Like, not enough… are you sure ya don’t wanna fuck me?” she replied with a pout.

I gave her ass a slap, “Quit stalling Bambi, you’ve got things to do today…” I replied.

Her hands went to her knees as she bent slightly and then gave her ass a shake, “Ooooo baby, slap that ass! giggle

When I didn’t give her a second slap on her ass, she pouted again but went to the bedroom and changed. While she did so I pulled out my phone and double checked the schedule for today.

09:00 - 12:00   Court - Legal name change
13:00 - 14:00   Audition at the club
17:00 - 19:00   Lawyers - Power of Attorney

Bambi emerged from the bedroom looking somewhat… presentable. She still looked like a walking wet dream, but at least her entire body was covered in non-transparent pink material, even if it still hugged every curve of her body

I watched from the back of the court room as the judge seemed unsure if he was awake or if this was some kind of dream.

“And Miss Novak… you’re sure you wish to proceed?” Judge Anderson said, looking bemused a little, his eyes flashing between Bambi standing in the courtroom and the paper he held in front of him.

“Like, totally your honour!”

The judge shook his head a little and then continued, “Alright then… for the record… this proceeding is an offical name change from Beatrice Novak to…” the judge paused for just a moment, looking hesitant to continue, “…to Bambi Loverack.” he finally managed to get out, “Is that right?”

“Yes your honour! giggle

The judge let out a sigh and reached out to grab his pen, paused for just a moment and the shook his head again before starting his signature, “Alright, let the court record show that finding no reason to deny the request, it is hereby ordered that from this day forward, Beatrice Novak will be known as Bambi Loverack.”

Bambi let out a ear piercing squeal before running back to me and giving me a giant hug.

I watched Bambi spin around the poll, pushing her tits around it and pump it several times. I’d marked this as an “audition” but it really wasn’t, it was just an introduction.

Randy, the club manager never turned away one of my girls, he knew they were the best strippers he had. Dedicated, honest, loyal, and willing to do anything the customers wanted. Well, that and the fact that he took 20% of their earnings didn’t hurt either.

“So, what do you think? She can start any time…” I said, going through the paces more for appearance sake than anything.

“What? Ok, yeah, fuck yeah. She can start tonight for sure.”

“Great, but it will have to be tomorrow if that’s alright. She has… a prior engagement tonight.”

Randy chuckled and nodded, “Yeah sure, no problem. I’ll put her on the schedule.”

I walked in to the offices of Tanner, Gayle and Novak with Bambi trailing a few paces behind me in a long trench coat. The receptionist waved us right in to the back and we walked right to Roger Tanner’s office and closed the door behind us.

Roger was seated behind his desk, Robert Gayle was in one of the seats in front of it and I took the second one, with Bambi quickly removing her trench coat to reveal the tightly cinched corset that pushed her naked tits up and out. She then sat down on my lap and turned the chocker that she was wearing around 180 degrees to reveal the word “BIMBO” in sparking jewels.

“Well fuck David… that’s truly impressive.” Bob said and let out a low whistle.

Roger gave a small chuckle and nodded in agreement, “I knew we had the right man for the job.”

Bambi giggled and shook her tits at the attention.

“Well gentlemen, when you said you were having problems with your deceased partners beneficiary… I didn’t expect her to be so… young. Usually these kinds of jobs involve wrinkled old maids…. it was a nice change of pace.”

The two men chuckled, “Yes, well, we’re still a young law firm, but John was an invaluable part of the firm, though replaceable. Beatrice just wanted to dissolve the partnership and take the payout, which would have been disastrous in the current economic environment we are in at the moment.” Roger said.

“Oh, I completely understand. Not the first time I’ve run in to this kind of thing. But I’m glad to say that Bambi is here to put your minds at rest and sign any paperwork you need. And all she’s going to ask for in return is just one tiny little favour… isn’t’ that right Bambi?” I asked, giving her a little bounce on my knee.

Bambi giggled and nodded, “Like, oh my gawd yes! Like, you big strong, important men, knows so much better than little old me… giggle Just tell me where to sigh and I’ll totally do it! Just, like, afterwards, can I such your cocks?”

Both men smiled but it was Bob that replied first, “Well, that seems like a fair trade. I think we can live with those terms.” he said and then grabbed a folder off of the desk and opened it.

I gave Bambi’s ass a slap and she quickly stood up and wiggled her way over to the desk and took the pen that Roger was proffering, signing each and every place that Bob indicated.

As she did I made my exit and closed the door behind me, but just before I did I heard Bambi say one more thing.

“And, like, if you want, you can totally fuck my titties or pussy or even my ass too! giggle

The door clicked closed and I walked over to the front desk where the receptionist was still sitting, “Hey Cheryl, how are things?” I asked.

“Better until you showed up.” she replied with a scowl, “Are you going to mess with my mind again?”

I chuckled and shook my head, “No, not here for you. I was surprised to see you when I came in really. Didn’t I make you a trophy wife, what, three years ago?”

She nodded, the scowl never leaving her face.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, you might have made me a trophy wife, but you didn’t make my husband a proper husband. He was still a horny pig and it was only a few months before another ‘trophy’ girl caught his eye.”

I nodded solemnly, “Yeah, that is an occupational hazard. The kind of men that engage my services are seldom… upstanding… men.”

She hugged and glanced away from me, “But I’ll tell you what… I’ll make it up to you now if you like. I can remove most of what I did to you… or make some changes if you like.”

“Most?” she almost spat back.

“Yeah, well, I can’t give you back everything, but I can certainly remove that nasty compulsion you have to be a trophy wife. I can tell it’s eating you up inside, having to work but desperately wanting to hang on the arm of one of the partners.”

Her lower lip quivered just a little, “And… and the catch?” she asked.

“None, just an honest offer to help. Don’t take this personally, I certainly don’t. It’s just a job, and for the work I did on you I’ve been paid and the client has discarded you, so I consider it a closed deal. That leaves me free and clear to make any changes I like, or offer to make ones that you want.”

She nodded.

“Great. So would you like me to remove the trophy wife compulsion, or make it come true?”

She blinked several times with her lips agape, “What?!?”

“Well, I can remove it and let you live out your life as a secretary, or whatever other job you want to pursue. Or I can just find you a new husband that wants a trophy wife. The city isn’t in a shortage of those kinds of men, and with a little push from me, they’ll treat you just like a perfect trophy wife.”

I watched Cheryl’s whole body shiver, partly in anger, partly in fear, partly in panic, and I let out a chuckle.

“Tell you what, I’m sure Roger and Bob are going to be a while with Bambi, why don’t I go for a walk. Give you some time to think about it. When I come back to pick Bambi up you can decide.”

I walked toward the front doors and left the offices, headed down to the main concourse where I could get into the underground area and wander around for a while.

I already knew what Cheryl would choose, there wasn’t any real choice for her, the compulsion I’d put in her mind would never let her choose anything else… but it was at least amusing to watch her try and fight it for a while.

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