“Hello Sir, and welcome to the spa. My name is Lexi and I’ll be your personal hostess for your visit.” the striking blonde said as I entered the room and she struck a pose for me.

The spa was legendary, a place where powerful men, and women, could go to relax and enjoy whatever their personal peculiarities might be… with no judgement or concerns about privacy.

It was, of course, highly exclusive, and very expensive.

I walked over to the daybed and flopped down on it, Lexi followed suit and sat down beside me, right up against my thigh. I smiled and tapped my lap and she quickly shuffled on to it, her legs hung over one side of mine, her torso twisted around so she could drape her arm over my shoulders.

My left hand came to rest on her ass and my right hand ran over her taught midriff, “You must spend quite a bit of time in the gym…” I said as my hand moved up and onto her rib cage.

“Oh yes Sir, all of the hostess’ live on site and have full access to the spa’s facilities. In my spare time I lead several classes, like many of the hostess’ do.” she replied.

My hand slipped up under her top and took hold of one of her breasts, the skin was tight around the firm implant that it contained but my fingers quickly found the hard nipple that top it off.

Lexi flicked her hair back over her shoulder, bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she took in a sharpe breath and then let out a low moan.

“Do you like your implants?” I asked, truly curious.

“Yes Sir. I was never that large and the amount of exercise I do… well, I ended up with even less. They’re pretty new, just a month and a half old, but the doctor has told me that I will be able to go larger once the skin has had a chance to stretch out a bit.”

I nodded and smiled, “So you want to go bigger then?”

“Oh yes Sir. It’s what I was made for, to be the biggest set of tits on a stick that I can be.” she replied as I continued to play with her tits under her top.

I shook my head to myself a little, the spa might be ultra exclusive, but they catered to the lowest common denominator more often than not. In my years of coming to it I’d met many hostess’ like Lexi, all with different, but simiarly basic, core principals etched into their minds.

The brunette that I had met last time, I think her name was Betsy, had told me she was “made to be the best set of utters she could be”. She even moo’d a little when I had sucked on her tits. I’d seen her in the catalogue this time, but had passed, she’d gone far farther down that path then interested me.

Before Betsey was Amber, “the horniest little slut she could be”, and more, let alone the pages and pages that filled the catalogue, with new entries every few months.

I pulled my hand out from under Lexi’s top and smiled at her, “Stand up and strip.” I said and she quickly did so, leaving her clothing in a neat pile on the daybed. I took in her naked form and was quite happy that it lived up to the photo’s from the catalogue.

“Present your code.” I said and her eyes went wide as she dropped to her knees, turned around so she was facing away from me, and parted her hair and lowered her head to display the back of her neck. There, a small QR code was tattoo’d at the base of her skull.

I pulled out my phone and scanned it in the spa’s app, reviewed her details, and then completed the transfer.

Almost as soon as I hit “confirm” she shot upright, gasping, then shivering, before returning to her previous position. A moment later she turned around and lowered her head to the floor.

“Thank you Master for taking ownership of this slave. How may I serve you.” she intoned.

“Well, you can start with a blowjob, and then I think I’m going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours… though I doubt that’s where I’m going to finish.” I replied.

She wasted no time in raising her head up and wrapping her lips around my dick to get to work.

As I watched her head bob up and down I felt a small pang of guilt. Not that she was now my dedicated slave, I’d had many of those over the years and she was nothing special from that perspective. No, it was from at having taken a productive hostess from the Spa.

Sure, being the founder of the Spa had it’s privileges, like being able to take any hostess I liked for as long as I liked, but I tried not to interfere in the day to day operations of the Spa… too much. I knew I’d get an ear full from the management team about the hole in the schedule I’d just created… but well, hey, that seemed like a minor thing over all.

And if they complained too much, well, I could just chew them out for being so… bland, in their core principals these days. They’d push back, saying simple was better, but by then they’d have forgotten all about Lexi and they’d have a whole new report to provide to me on how they were going to “fix” their non-existant problem.