“Hey… why is that guy walking towards the action instead of running away?” Samantha asked her camerawoman Tabitha as the man walked by them.

“I don’t know Samantha… why don’t we go ask him?” Tabitha replied with a smirk, knowing full well there was a story there fo some kind, maybe the kind that would finally get them off the puff pieces they were always assigned to.

“Excuse me! Excuse me Sir!” Samantha shouted as she started after the man who seemed very interested in the fight between the League and the Control that was raging just a block or so away.

The two women had come as close as they dared to see if they could get a story, while the “real” reporters were circling overhead in their news outlet helicopters.

Samantha extended her arm and stuck the microphone out as far as she could as she finally caught up to the man, Tabitha lugging the heavy camera equipment just a step or two behind her.

“Sir… don’t you know that it’s dangerous here! There’s a full on superhero fight going on just a block away!” Samantha nearly shouted as he came to a stop and turned to look at her, a smile on his face.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s that dangerous really. Just a little ruckus, that’s all.” he said without a care in his voice.

Samantha managed to straighten herself up a bit, running a stray strand of her blonde hair over her ear and quickly double checking her carmel coloured skin and makeup with a small compact.

“A little ruckus! They’re going full on over there! They’ve knocked down three office towers already!” Samantha nearly yelled, losing her composure just a bit.

“Samantha…” she heard Tabitha say and she turned to catch a glimpse of her camerawoman trying to reign her in.

Samantha took a deep breath and ran her hand down her stomach to smooth out her suit jacket a little.

“I’m sorry, let me start again. Sir, what’s your name and why going towards the fight?”

The man glanced over at Tabitha and then back at Samantha, “Reporters? How interesting. You usually keep your distance…” he replied, glancing up into the sky at the helicopters that circled around the battle.

“I do like your gumption though… I bet you weren’t even assigned to this story… just came her on your own. Am I right?” he asked.

Samantha was about to press her question when Tabitha spoke up, “Yes! It was my idea! We’re tired of doing puff pieces, we want to do hard news.”

Samantha turned to Tabitha and gave her a wicked stare, to no effect, “Yes, well…” she started to try to get the interview back on track but the man spoke up again and for some reason she stopped.

“Well, good news then, I think I can help you both with that.” he replied.

Suddenly Samantha’s body stiffened like a blank of wood, her microphone dropping to the ground even as her feet left it. She could see Tabitha do the same, the camera breaking into several large chunks as it hit the pavement.

Then it was like her entire body was covered in ants, little feet touching every point of her skin as she felt a power wash over her. She couldn’t tell what was happening to herself, but she could see what was happening to Tabitha. The once slightly overweight camerawoman was quickly metamorphosing into a bombshell.

The two large orbs that were forming on her chest, the slightly dirty clothing that shifted into a sparkly dress, the short brown hair that flowed out over her shoulders in blonde waves, the flawless skin and puffy lips that adorned her face. Samantha knew a similar change was happening to her.

And then the waves of pleasure started to roll over her and she lost sight of Tabitha as her eyes rolled back into her head and she orgasmed like never before.

“So Tabbi, as you can see, todays guest is a famous… and powerful… supervillain.” Sammi purred and then moved the mic over to Tabbi.

“God yeah Sammi, like, he looks sooooo powerful he could totally blow my mind anytime! *giggle*”

Sammi took back the mic and smiled, “Well, this is a *hard* news show Tabbi, we can’t just make assumtions. We need to get to the cold *hard* facts of the matter.”

Sammi stood up, with Tabbi just a half second behind her, and then wiggled her way over to the interview couch. The two reports straddled one leg each and leaned in and kissed him, all three of their tongues intertwining.

It wasn’t long before Sammi had the hard news of the day between her lips.

And then Tabbi did.

And then Sammi did.

And then both of them did.

And then Tabbi had it between her tits.

And Sammi had it in her pussy.

And then they both got to scoop it off of their faces to finish their report.