Suzanne sat on the couch and flipped a page in the book she was reading, in the next room she could hear the TV blaring and her boyfriend Austin’s voice talking to it for some reason.

She rolled her eyes and moved a strand of her brown hair over her ear and pulled her bulky sweater up to her chin and tried to ignore the noise.

“No fucking way…” she heard Austin almost yell and then some more mumbled words. She was about to get up and give him a piece of her mind but suddenly a wave of dizziness came over her and she found herself slipping off the couch onto the floor.

She waited for the dizziness to pass and by the time it did Austin was standing in the doorway gapping at her.

“Like hey babe! *giggle*” she heard a high pitched voice say before realizing it was her own. She tried to stand up but for some reason it just felt better to stay down on her hands and knees and look up towards Austin.

“Are you satisfied Master?” a male voice said from behind Austin and Suzanne strained to see who it was. Her eyes went wide as soon as Austin stepped aside and gave her a look through the door. The man had no legs and was floating in what looked like a whirl of smoke.

“Fuck man, yeah! I mean, I thought I was just so stoned I was having a crazy trip, but I’m convinced!” Austin exclaimed.

Suzanne, not knowing what else to do, crawled over to Austin and wrapped her arms around his leg, pushing her tits up against it.

Which was strange as she had always had a small set of breasts and the two large round globes that almost wrapped around Austin’s legs couldn’t be described as small in any way. Also, the strands of long blonde hair that came almost all the way down to her tits was new.

“Like babe… what’s going on? Who’s this guy? What’s totally happened to me?” she asked, staring up at Austin.

Austin looked down and patted her head, “Oh, ah, don’t worry about that Suzanne. This is my friend… Gene. Yeah, Gene. He just stopped by for a bit.”

The pat on her head felt so good her eyes defocused and her lips parted as a wave of pleasure washed over her. So much so that she really didn’t register the next words that Gene spoke.

“So Master, what will your second wish be?”

“Ah, well, I guess since my first wish was for Suzanne to be the hot blonde bimbo slut of my dreams, I need to be able to keep up with her. How about… I wish I had unlimited stamina so I could be as big, as hard, keep hard, and produce as much cum as I wanted, whenever I wanted.”

Gene smiled and nodded his head and a flash of light filled the room.

It brought Suzanne back to her senses for a moment until she saw the growing outline of Austin’s manhood straining his pants. Her eyes crossed for a moment and then she leaned forward and parted her lips, pushing them up against the outline, trying desperately to pleasure Austin through his jeans.

Austin let her continue for a minute or so until he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of him, “Come on Suzie, up on the couch. I wanna fuck you like you never let me; hard, fast, rough, and bent over.”

Suzie giggled and scurried over to the couch and quickly stripped, positioning herself bent over the arm of the couch so her ass and pussy were easily accessible to Austin.

“Hey, ah, do you mind if I give you my third wish in a… little, while?” Austin said to Gene.

“Of course not Master. I’ll await you in the next room. This Tee…Vee.. as you called it intrigues me.”

Austin chuckled and then slapped Gene on the shoulder, “Have at it my man.” he said and the closed the door as Gene floated away from it.

Suzie hardly noticed though, her eyes were locked on Austin’s cock and all she could think of was how good it was going to feel being stuffed into her.