“God, like how many times do I have to tell you, that little think can’t change me!” Sylvia said, cocking her hip out to the side as she fiddled with her hair and rolled her eyes.

Thomas was a dweeb, a nice dweeb, but a dweeb none the less. He’d been hitting on her… gently and respectfully for months, during her lunch hour walk, but the last week or so things had gotten a little weird.

In fact they had gotten weird the day he’d pulled out the small green gem that almost seemed to glow, on the chain and insisted that it would let him change her into anything he wanted.

She’d laughed it off and walked away, not thinking about it again until the next day when she met him again.

“Well, ok, I have to admit I might have been a little optimistic at first when I said it could change you into anything I want. It’s more like it can change one little thing about you at a time.” he replied sheepishly.

She clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth and shook her head, “God, like you’re such a dweeb to believe that kinda thing Thomas!”

“But… but… what about your clothes?” he retorted.

She looked down at her outfit, a quite little pink number she liked to wear that was also perfectly acceptable at her office job, “Like, what about it?”

“But… you… you never wear pink…” he said exasperatedly.

“Oh my god, I love pink! Why wouldn’t I wear my favorite colour, like, all the time?”

“God damn it…” Thomas said under his breath and instead gripped the gem firmly and concentrated on what he wanted to change this time.

For a moment Sylvia seemed to freeze in place, then her whole body shivered, and he watched her top start to push outwards as her breasts expanded, stretching her top and jacket to their limits.

“Shit!” he exclaimed and then Sylvia blinked and shook her head.

“Like, got to get back to work now Thomas, see you tomorrow.” she said, gave him a wave and a little shake of her breasts and then trotted off back towards her office.

Thomas watched her wiggle her ass as she walked away and then slapped his forehead, “Stupid brain! Get it right! Quite thinking about her being a big titted blonde bimbo and instead focus on her being in love with me! ARRRRGGGGG!”

He shook his head and walked back towards his own office, the slightly dull gem still gripped in his fist. It would take another twenty-four hours for it to recharge so he could try again.

He let out a sigh, he was reading a lot of books on how to keep focused on one thing, but they weren’t really helping all that much. He’d try again tomorrow, of course, but deep down he knew he’d be focused on something else, like giving her fully lips, or bigger hair, or a tighter waist, or something else.

A smile came to his lips as the image of the perfect blonde bimbo came into his mind. Sure, it was going to take another week or so to get Sylvia physically perfect, but then… then he’d have all the time in the world to make her his perfect bimbo trophy.