“Oh, hello Mr. Johnson!” Gabriela said as I walked towards her sitting on the bench.

“Hey Gabby, you’re looking nice today.” I replied with a smile as I came to a halt just beside her.

She blushed profusely and bowed her head a little, “Thank you.” she replied.

My smiled widened to a grin, just a few weeks ago if I’d called her Gabby I was sure she would have physically assaulted me.

Instead, now, she crossed her legs and pushed her chest out a little as she looked up once again, her hands resting on her knees.

“I take it you’ve found your sessions with Dr. Ford… helpful?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Oh yes! Dr. Ford is just amazing! He’s helped me with so many of my… issues, in just the few sessions I’ve had with him. I can’t thank you enough for recommending him!” she replied with a sparkle in her eyes of real excitement.

I nodded, “Oh, you’re most welcome Gabby. Dr. Ford and I are old friends.” I said and sat down beside her, chuckling a little at her description of how she’d come to have an appointment with Dr. Ford.

Gabriela shuffled herself over until she was right up against me, her hand slipping from her knee on to mine.

“I… I didn’t know that…” she replied, “But… well, I guess an important man like yourself *would* know other important men like Dr. Ford.”

I smiled and nodded, taking in the sight of the new Gabriela, so unlike the old one.

A month ago I’d been sitting on this very park bench enjoying a beautiful summer day when she and some friends had come over and started to harass me. Her friends were of little importance, I could tell they were just hanger-ons, Gabriela was the leader of the pack.

She had been pretty intimidating with her black leather pants and jacket, black lipstick, nose ring and other piercings, along with her jet black hair with purple highlights in it.

She’d did have the misfortune to lay hands on me just as a police officer had rounded the corner to witness it. Her friends had scattered instantly but she’d stayed defiantly behind. She’d argued with the office, and me, until the officer had put and end to it asking if I wanted to press charges.

Her attitude had quickly shifted after that and she’d agreed to the one condition I had to not press charges… a visit to a therapist that I knew.

“You know…” she said as she leaned in and brought her lips close to my ear, “Dr. Ford has been very helpful in showing me how I was acting out before. How I was fighting against my natural desires for strong, important men, like yourself. How I was doing everything I could to hide my own submissive nature.”

“Yes, Stephen is very good at getting to the root causes of things…” I replied and turned my head towards her, so that our lips were almost touching.

She too in a sharpe breath just before I reached up and took hold of her breast and leaned just an inch forward to kiss her. Her hand quickly moved from my knee to my crotch as she let out a moan.

I moved my hand up to her neck and then to the back of her had, taking hold of her hair and pulled her back, breaking out kiss. She let out a gasp and then licked her lips.

I stood up and pulled her to her feet, taking her hand, I quickly walked towards the main entrance of the park with her hurriedly trying to keep up with me. When we got to my car I opened the door to the back seats and pushed her inside, following a moment later.

It wasn’t long before we were fucking like teenagers.

“Great work on Gabby, thanks.” I typed on my phone and hit send as I sat in the back seat of my car. The image above the message was of Gabriela laying across my lap, her lips wrapped around my soft dick.

A moment later Stephen replied, “No problem. She gave up her friends names after the first session. They won’t be bothering anyone in the park again.”

I smiled and messaged back a thumbs-up.

Stephen had been a god send after my first wife tried to divorce me, she’d wanted to torch everything we’d built. These days she was much more agreeable though, she’d been a good wife for almost two decades, but even she admitted that it was time I look into getting a newer model. She’d even signed the divorce papers just the other day and moved everything she owned into the maids quarters downstairs.

I wouldn’t move Gabriela in right away of course, I had to keep up appearances and all. Divorcing my wife and moving a new girlfriend in on the same week was a little.. goch.

I’d probably wait at least another week, two tops, before I moved her in.