KC held the book in her hands, she knew the scribbles on the pages were words but they held no meaning for her. She had a pretty good idea that it was a book on architecture, the pictures were all of famous buildings that she recognized.

The frustrating thing was that she knew if she got down off the island and walked over to the counter where the cookbook was open, she’d be able to read every single word in it.

It was the way things were now… read the latest article on fashion or makeup? No problem.

Read the headline on a news site? Meaningless squiggles.

She let out a heavy sigh and then closed the book setting it on the island, then looked up to see David trying to contain his laughter standing in the doorway.

“It’s not funny!” she said and then pouted, “You made KC a dumb-dumb.” she finished and then cross her arms under her tits.

David could no longer contain his laughter and let it out as he walked over and stood in front of her. He reached out and hooked his finger on the apron between her tits and gave it a little tug, pulling it down far enough to expose her nipples.

“Oh did I now?” he asked rhetorically as he took her erect nipple between his thumb and finger and rolled it left and right several times.

She moaned and closed her eyes, letting her head tilt backwards a bit, “Y… Y… Yes… you did…” she managed to get out between small gasps.

“And if I did… and I’m not conceding I did, is that such a bad thing?” he asked, taking her other nipple between his other fingers and doing the same.

She let out a gasp as goosebumps formed all over her body and she pushed her tits forward towards him, unable to form words.

“I mean, you’re still smart… kinda. You can follow the most complex recipe, or bake the most amazing things. You can make yourself look like a supermodel, a party girl, a complete slut, or a low class hooker. That takes a certain kind of smarts doesn’t it?”

He moved his hands to grab her tits and gave them a squeeze and her legs naturally parted as her hands reached around and undid the apron and then pulled it to the side so her bare, wet pussy was exposed.

“No, you’re not a dumb-dumb really. Just more… focused. Focused on the important things. Not like before, not like when you were the stressed out, burnt out, bitchy architect I hired. No, now you’re focused on looking sexy and giving and receiving pleasure. Isn’t that so much better?”

She moaned in reply, squirming on the top of the island, until he let go of her tits and she opened her eyes and looked directly at him. Her face was a mix of desire, fear, confusion, and lust.

He reached around her and grabbed her ass, pulling her forward until her legs fell over the side of the island. She quickly discarded her apron and leaned back on to her elbows as David dropped his pants.

He pushed his cock up against her pussy and she grinned, her face now only filled with need, “Come on baby, stuff that big hard cock in me…”

David did so and she moaned and squealed as he rocked back and forth, the pleasure of it all coursing through her.

It wasn’t at the top of her mind though, even if no one could tell by looking at her. Instead, all she could think about was finding yet another cookbook, one she didn’t have, so she could read something new and get back a little feeling of what it must have been like to be her old self once more.