“Hey, you must be my three o’clock?” Casey said as she came to a stop in front of the driving range, right where the lone man was hitting balls.

The man turned to look at her and smiled, “Yes, I guess I am.” he replied.

Casey slipped from her cart and walked up beside him, a wide smile on her face. She’d been working at the golf course since it opened in the spring as a coach, she’d just graduated from college and had played throughout her school years, though wasn’t good enough to play on tour.

Instead she’d decided to try giving lessons, and the new upscale golf course that had opened had been enthusiastic about the idea when she’d proposed it to them. So much so that they’d even given her a private office to work out of in the club house!

Ok, so it was in the basement, away from everyone else, but it still had been better than she expected, a desk and computer, along with a few chairs and even a couch. The only problem was the incessant noise that the lights generated. She’d thought LED lights didn’t make that kind of noise, but the maintenance guys hadn’t been able to fix it, and after a few weeks of headaches, she hardly noticed it now.

“So what do you want to work on today? Driving? Irons? Wedges? Putting?” she asked with a little bounce in her stance.

He smiled, “Driving.” was his response and soon they were working on his swing, when they had finished their time, she’d convinced him to sign up for more lessons and they had headed back to her office to do some paperwork.

“Oh god yes Dave, drive it in!” Casey cried out as she gripped the back of the chair in front of her desk tightly as she was half way bent over it. On the seat of it was her skirt and top, neatly folded as her latest student gripper her hips and drove deep into her pussy.

She’d been working with him for a few weeks and after each lesson they came back to her office to debrief and discuss what he wanted to work on next.

“You’ve got it now! Yes! Yes! Just like that! Just like thhhhhaaaaattttt!!!!” she cried out as he moved one hand on to her ass and slipped the other under her to grab one of her tits.

Her body spasm’d as she felt him release into her and her own orgasm washed over her. She collapsed over the back of the chair her face planted firmly in the pile of her clothing on the seat.

She let out a contented sigh as she heard the man behind her getting dress, when he was done he walked up beside the chair, her ass still sticking up in the air, and placed his hand on it, gently rubbing it. She let out a moan and wiggled it a little as he did.

“Hey Casey…” he started to say and then he paused.

“Yeah baby, what?” she dreamily replied.

She felt him lift his hand off her ass and then he finished, “What do you think of my swing now?”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him wind up and take a huge swing with his hand, she heard the sound of his hand landing on her ass even before she felt her entire ass jiggle from the impact.

She let out a gasp in a mix of surprise and pleasure, but before she could say anything, he repeated the swing. And then again… and again… and again.

By the fifth time she couldn’t hold it back any longer and another orgasm rocked her… and then another… and another.

Casey managed to get herself upright and take a look at her red ass after some time, the man had long ago left, and even the drool on her pile of clothing had started to dry.

She let out a sigh, then smiled.

Sure, she wouldn’t be sitting down comfortably for a while, which meant that she’d be walking instead of taking a golf cart everywhere, but Dave’s swing was really coming along nicely.