A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Lynn didn’t like being out on the street this late at night, but she had little choice. Much like her “choice” of clothing, it was a necessity more than anything.

Proper Attire for Women Act had severely limited what was acceptable to be out in public, and even more so at night. But she had to do what she had to do and so she’d headed out into the night for a clandestine rendezvous with her contact in the underground.

She looked around nervously but tried to look relaxed, leaning back against the brick wall until she finally saw Samantha heading her way. She pushed off the wall and watched the blonde in a tight shiny blue party dress and heels that seemed to be too high to walk in, make her way over to Lynn.

“Hey Lynn.” Samantha said, looking over her shoulder and then back to her.

“Hey, have you got it?” Lynn asked.

Samantha nodded and the fished something out of her tiny matching purse. It was a small plastic tube with something that looked like a transparent bandage rolled up in it.

“And it works?” Lynn asked.

Samantha nodded again and Lynn took the tube from her fingers, they both quickly looked up and down the street, still seeing nothing.

Lynn uncorked the tube and fished the bandage out, in the centre of it was a small patch of metal.

“You’re… you’re going to use it now?” Samantha asked.

“Damn right… I’m heading out right now, just as soon as I get the inhibitor on.” Lynn replied and tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and then moved it out of the way. She felt for where the small scar was that was left over from her chip being inserted, then carefully applied the patch.

She was so focused on the task at hand, she never noticed the concerned look on Samantha’s face. By the time she finished applying the patch and looked up, Samantha had taken several steps back and was bitting her lower lip.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Samantha almost whispered and Lynn instantly knew something was wrong, but it was too late.

Her body shot to attention as the implant took complete control of her, “They made me do it… the implant… oh god, I’m so sorry…” Lynn heard Samantha say but her body had already turned and started walking away from her.

It didn’t take long for Lynn to figure out where the implant was taking her, the dark panel van down the street had it’s back doors open and several men standing beside them.

Lynn looked at the selfie she’d just taken and tried taking another. This time she made sure her phone didn’t cover her breast and she pushed them out a little for good measure.

She looked at the new selfie and felt a little shiver of positive reinforcement from the implant and she quickly saved it, then added it to her profile on the tax shelter’s website along with a caption:

"Me so horny... you wanna fuck tight little asian with big white cock?"

Another shiver of positive reinforcement washed over her.

She had spent weeks in the rehabilitation center, the implant controlling her every move for the first few days, but slowly, relentlessly, she learned what it wanted.

By the time she left, she no longer thought of escape, or freedom, only compliance.

When they’d placed her in the tax shelter, she hadn’t known what to expect, or what was expected of her, but both quickly changed.

When she’d seen the pattern of men that paid for her time, she’d leaned into it a bit… the implant leaned into it hard.

So much so that it was even hard to speak “proper” english any more, she really had to focus on forming complete sentences, and using correct grammar. Instead, even when she was along and just talking to herself, she sounded like some just off the boat immigrant that had leaned english for imported TV shows.

It was as far from the truth as you could get of course. She had been well on her way to a PhD in English literature before the Acts, and she was fourth generation American, her parents had been an english teacher and a university professor.

She felt her phone buzz and she looked down at it, a message from the booking system was displayed. A regular client was on their way up and so she quickly got ready.

She stood by the door and when Ian opened it she smiled, he was older, well into his sixties, but still in good shape. He was by far her best client and the implant always made sure she treated him well.

“Hi baby! Lynn-lynn love you long time!” she said and then tossed her arms around him, pushing her chest up against his, and kissing him passionately.

The implant didn’t have anything to do and so the shiver of pleasure she felt was entirely her own, or at least as much as anything she felt could be considered hers.

Ian reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze and gently guided them over to her bed. Soon he was pounding her senseless, and she wasn’t sure if the orgasms that came were from the implant or her own desire to please him.

Lynn pulled up her shoe strap and then quickly got back into place, “Lynn-lynn sorry Sir. Lynn-lynn won’t let it happen again!”

She held her hands behind her back and pushed her tits out as she smiled at Ian, “Well you’d better not.” he said half mockingly.

She giggled and blushed before continuing, “Lynn-lynn clean house good… Lynn-lynn all done.”

“Oh have you now?” he replied, stepping right to her.

She looked up and let out a little gasp as a wave of pleasure coursed through her. It had been so strange when the implant had first started making her react that way to just his closeness, but now she looked forward to it and her nipples were rock hard in anticipation with what was to come next.

Ian had invoked the The Infrastructure Privatization Act to acquire her from the tax shelter and had brought her to his home. He’d set her up as his live-in maid and every few days did these inspections of her to ensure she as complying with his instructions.

Not that she would have disobeyed him, even if the implant made it impossible. No, she knew she was just a dumb little slut, who’s only value was in her ability to please Ian.

Months in the tax shelter had dissuaded her of any other idea, Ian had spent hours and hours showing her exactly what he liked, and the more she provided it, the more pleasure the implant gave her. It was a feedback loop that she whole heartedly embraced.

Ian placed his fingers under her chin and tilted her head up so she was looking right into his eyes. She parted her lips and let out a heavy breath as her eyes defocused a little.

“You… you fuck Lynn-lynn now? Lynn-lynn so horny… Lynn-lynn make you cum long time…” she said in a ragged breath.

He smiled and took her by the shoulders and twisted her around, then pushed her onto the table and flipped up her skirt, before dropping his own pants and sliding his dick into her pussy.

“Yes! You fuck Lynn-lynn! Lynn-lynn love cock!”

He pounded in and out of her pussy, her head turned to the side by resting on the glass table top, her warm breath forming condensation onto it.

She squealed and cried and whimpered and begged as he continued to fuck her, until she finally felt him cum and her whole body shivered, then arched as she did too.

Lynn smiled as she heard Ian’s footsteps leave the room, she was still sprawled out on the table, but was completely satisfied as she was every time Ian fucked her.

Her brow furrowed just a little and she frowned too. She reached around and pulled a cloth from under her apron and rubbed the glass top of the table where her breath had left a small pool of condensation behind. Then she pushed herself upwards and furrowed and frowned even more, she quickly started to clean the entire table top, from where her face imprint was to the small pools of pussy juice and cum were.

The implant sent a small jolt of pleasure through her as she performed the task, but it was hardly necessary any more.