A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday June 01, 2023

Delilah sat at the kitchen table across from her Uncle, her black hair, pale skin, dark makeup and black clothing standing in stark contrast to the bright white of the room.

She looked down at the pile of glossy photograph on the table and smiled, she liked the way she looked in them, even if she’d have preferred black lipstick instead of red.

“Damn it Delilah!” her Uncle shouted and spread the stack of photos across the table, each on under the first becoming raunchier and raunchier.

Her smile widened as she looked at the last one, her face twisted in pleasure as the man was slamming his dick into her pussy.

“What?” she replied with a sneer and then gingerly pushed the photos around to expose more of the debauchery.

“What? What!? God damn it Delilah, you damn well know what! I had to buy the rights for these before that asshole sold them to some smut magazine!”

She rolled her eyes, “And so what if he did John? I mean, that’s why I let him take them… and signed the contract.”

Her Uncle gaped like a fish out of water, trying to find the right words to respond with. Then his mouth clapped shut and he crossed his arms, taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out.

Delilah pouted a little, knowing her little bit of fun was over, her Uncle gaining control of himself once more. It was too bad, she liked rilling him up like this even since she’d come to live with him when her parents had abandoned her.

“Alright, fine.” he said and the scooped up the photos and pushed them back into the envelope that he’d taken them out of a moment ago.

He then put the envelope back into his computer case that was on the floor beside him before reaching into his suit jacket and pulling out a business card and sliding it across to her.

“What’s this?” she asked as she picked it up and read it:

"Dr. Stephen Ford, Marriage Councilor"

She raised an eyebrow but he spoke before she could say anything, “He’s a councilor, and you’re going to attend session with him.”

“Like hell I am…” she replied but he held up a finger.

“Yes you are, or I’m going to take away all of my financial support.”

Her eyes widened and then narrowed, “You wouldn’t dare…”

He’d threatened it before to try and control her, and she’d always called his bluff, but the look in his eyes made her think twice.

“Oh yes I will. I’ve had it with this… this… whatever this is.” he said, waving up and down at her and then at the computer case beside him.

“Its time to put my foot down. It’s you’re choice of course, but don’t believe for one second that this isn’t an ultimatum that I’m willing to follow through on. You’re first session is scheduled for Thursday at 3pm. If you don’t show up I’ll take that as you’re moving out of the apartment I provide you, that you’re cutting up the credit cards I provide you, and that you’ll never call me again.”

Before she could reply, he simply stood up and walked out of the kitchen, she heard the door to his study slam shut a moment later.

Delilah stared at the card and frowned. Perhaps she’d pushed it a little too far this time, it wasn’t his fault that her parents had left, and he’d been nothing but understanding since then.

She sighed and pulled out her phone, opening up the calendar and entering the appointment into it. She’d play along for a few sessions until John settled down and then she’d stop going… it wasn’t like she could afford to live on her own so appeasing him seemed like the best option.

“Good morning Delilah.” her Uncle said with a smile on his face as she stood by the door to the kitchen.

“Good morning… John.” she replied with a smile, tripping over his name just a little like there was something else she was supposed to say.

They both head into the kitchen to get some breakfast and made some small talk as they did so.

It had been an interesting month or so since their “talk”, Delilah had been to several sessions with Dr. Ford and he’d really helped her, much more than she ever thought possible. He’d really gotten down to the root of some of the issues she was having and she had to admit, he’d been right about all of them.

In fact, if she was being honest with herself, she hadn’t felt this good… no, that wasn’t the right word, happy? Yes, happy in a long time.

So much so that she’d even decided to ditch the whole “goth” look that she’d had for several years. She’d gone to the hairdressers to get her hair lightened, to the tanning salon to get some colour in her skin, and even thrown out most of her old clothes.

Though, she had to admit, she still loved black, and so even the new outfits she’d picked up tended towards the dark shades. But there were also several bright colours in her wardrobe now as well… and even a few dresses!

Delilah walked over to the table and set John’s plate in front of him, along with a glass of OJ, then put her own plate there as well.

“Thanks Delilah.” her Uncle said just as she was about to sit down and she blinked several times.

Had she just made her Uncle breakfast? She thought back to the small talk they had been making and realized he’d been sitting at the table the whole time as she worked in the kitchen.

“Sit down, eat up!” John said and her head snapped up from her plate just in time for her body to sit down on the chair and her hand to pick up the fork.

She eat quietly across from John, not sure of what to make of what had just happened, but knowing that it somehow felt right.

Delilah pushed the dildo into her pussy and let out a moan as her other hand grabbed ahold of her breast and squeezed.

“Oh god yes! Yes! YES!” she cried out, not having to worry about anyone hearing as her Uncle was still at work.

“Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy!” she continued, as she imagined a shadowy man sliding deep inside of her.

Dr. Ford had encouraged her to satisfy her growing sexual needs with toys and she’d really gone all in with it. She’d talked to him about it in their last few sessions after her libido had really gone through the roof. He’d explained how it was completely natural, that once a woman understood herself better that sex was a natural outgrowth of that understanding.

She let go of her breast and ran her hand up the side of her head, through her honey blonde hair, and then down to her lips where she wrapped them around her finger.

She pumped the dildo into her pussy and tried to focus on the man, to see his features, and with each stroke she thought she was getting closer.

“That’s it! Right there! Harder! Harder!” she cried out as she sped up her stokes until she was on the verge of orgasm.

Then, just as it crested, it was a bright light was turned on and she saw the man’s face, her Uncle’s face, and she came harder than she had ever before.

“Good morning Uncle John.” Delilah said as she stood just outside of the kitchen in her white and black pokadot sun dress.

“Good morning Lila.” he replied and a shiver of pleasure ran through her as he walked by and into the kitchen. She followed just a few paces behind him.

The kitchen table was already set, a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon on one side, the other a single boiled egg in a small stand.

Her Uncle sat down and started to eat, consuming the breakfast she’d made for him as she said silently and watched, her hands folded in her lap.

He was about half way through when he looked over at her and smile, “Aren’t you going to have yours?” he asked.

She smiled and blushed as she nodded her head, then pushed her chair back a little, “Oh yes… but I like mine extra runny.” she replied as she slipped from her chair and under the table to find her Uncle’s spread legs waiting for her.

John looked down at the bobbing blonde head of his neice between his legs and leaned back, “’bout fucking time…” he said in a low moan that he doubted Lila paid any attention to.

He did feel a little bad about sending her to Dr. Ford, but she left him with little choice. Those pornographic photos had been the last straw, if they’d been released any hope of him running for congress in the next election would have been ruined.

At least now she wouldn’t be an embarrassment to him, in fact she might even be an asset. One of his major donors had a son that was having a hard time finding the “perfect” wife, which he was pretty sure Lila would fit to a tee now.

Or at least if she didn’t Dr. Ford would be able to take care of that in no time.

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