“Uhm, like, you wanted to see me Sir?” Sarah asked as she stood inside of Paul’s office door.

He looked up and smiled, “Yes, yes I did. Come on in, close the door and have a seat.” he replied, waving towards a chair in front of his desk.

She did so and sat nervously in front of him.

She’d only been working for Paul for a couple of months as his office manager, but she had to admit there wasn’t much of an office to manage with her being the only employee.

In fact, she was very concerned that Paul was about to let her go with this being the last week of her probation period.

“So Sarah, how are you liking the job?” he asked, the friendly smile that was always on his face giving her little comfort.

“Oh! I love it Sir! It’s just so… stimulating!” she replied, not lying in the slightest.

She’d worked as an office manager for a couple of years since graduating, but none of those jobs were like this at all! There was just something about the job that made her nipples hard and her pussy buzz just thinking about working for Paul!

He nodded before continuing, “Well that’s great! You’ve been a model employee as well! You’ve taken to the office rules quite well… at least mostly.”

She raised an eyebrow in concern, “Mostly Sir?”

“Yes, well, everything except that one little thing in the dress code…” he replied.

She looked down at her sheer top pulled to the sides of her exposed tits, then down at the tight skirt that came down just about mid-calf, then all the way down to the matching black 6″ pumps that adorned her feet. She looked up at Paul in confusion.

She was sure she matched the dress code perfectly!

He shook his head, “No? Perhaps you missed item six…” he said, sliding a printout of the dress code over to her. She quickly skimmed down them:

  1. No bra
  2. No panties
  3. No pants
  4. 4″ heels minimum
  5. Tits must be visible
  6. Pussy must be visible

She reread number six and her lower lip quivered a little, “Oh god, I’m sorry Sir! It won’t happen again!” she said and then quickly stood up.

She reached around and unclasped her skirt and whipped it from her hips before sitting down once more, spreading her legs a little so he could get a good look at her pussy.

He nodded and smiled even more broadly, “Good. Now then, as this is the end of your probation period, I want to congratulate you on passing with flying colours!”

Sarah squealed in delight as she shook her tits, “Thank you Sir! Thank you! You won’t be disappointed in keeping me on, I promise!”

“I’m sure I won’t be… now then, here’s the official office code of conduct for you to review.” he said and pushed another piece of paper across his desk. She picked it up and started to read it:

  1. Blowjobs are at 8:30, 12:30 and 4:30 or upon request.
  2. Vaginal sex is to be provided to management and clients, either in the office or off site as required.
  3. Anal sex is limited to management only.

A shiver of pleasure coursed through her as she realized it was almost 12:30 and she had work to do.