Donna had been listening to the headphones for hours, and hours, and hours. In fact, she wasn’t really sure how long she had been listening to them, but she did know she didn’t want to stop, but something was compelling her to.

She slipped them from her ears and let them rest around her neck, then sat up in the bed. It felt wrong… just wrong, to be sitting upright, but even more wrong was the man sitting in the chair by the window. She didn’t recognize him, and she should be panicking, but instead she remained completely calm.

In her mind there was a battle raging, between the feeling of wrongness in her sitting position, and the feeling of wrongness of the man. It only took a few seconds for the first to overcome the second.

With that resolved, she slipped from the bed and onto the floor, her hands coming in contact with the carpet and a shiver of pleasure running up them straight to her brain. It just felt right being on the floor, on her hands and knees.

She wanted to say something as she looked over at the man, but her lips refused to move, even if her body didn’t. She leaned forward and let her tits sway under her as the man smiled. Confusion crossed her mind as she rocked forward and backwards just a tiny bit, as she couldn’t decided if it felt better to leaned back or forward.

She decided to lean back again and compare the feelings of both. It didn’t take her long to lean forward again and this time she knew the answer.

She looked back over at the man and he spread his legs, then tapped his knee, and a shiver of pleasure ran through her again. She crawled forward until she was between them, looking up at him, her tits still swaying, and then her lips parted and the sound came natural from between them.

“Mooooooooo.” her whole body shivered, her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened, it was the most glorious feeling she’d ever imagined.

“MOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she cried out and then face planted into the man’s crotch.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” the sound of her muffled voice came, her lips firmly on the man’s crotch, his pants denying her what she craved as she wiggled her ass and swayed her tits.

The man took pity on her and unzipped his pants, and pulled them down, allowing her to wrap her lips around his shaft. It was perfect, down on all fours, a cock between her lips, her tits and ass swaying, she couldn’t imagine anything better… and then it was.

“Moooooooo.” the sound filled the room, coming from the man’s phone and Donna had a small orgasm crest.

A few momments passed and the sound filled the room once more, another orgasm came.

She lost track of how long she sucked, and swayed, and orgasmed, it didn’t matter though, all that filled her mind was the endless bliss of the moo’ing.