Yvonne squatted on the table as the two men entered the room and she looked over her shoulder at them.

She knew both of them, David, the one in the well tailored suit was a work colleague. The other one in the dirty jeans and tattered t-shirt was her Master.

It was hard to get her head around that fact, she’d only known him for a few days, far less time that she’d know David. However, in that time he’d completely wrapped her mind around his little finger and she knew there was nothing she would not do for him.

She didn’t understand how it had happened, not exactly at least. She knew she’d met him at the bar after a long day on the convention floor mingling with potential clients, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why she’d paid any attention to him.

Oh, now she couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but she could still go back in her memory and see what it was like back then.

“As you can see, delivered as promised.” her Master said to David, waving his hand in her direction.

David smiled and walked up behind her, grabbing her ass and squeezing it.

“Stop that David!” she said and smacked his hand away.

David turned to her Master with a quizzical look on his face.

Her Master chuckled, “I said delivered, there’s the little matter of payment before I turn her over to you.”

“I think I need a little more… proof. This could still be some kind of elaborate prank…”

Her Master rolled his eyes and then turned to her, causing a shiver of pleasure to course through her.

“Get your ass on the table, spread your legs and start masturbating while you tell David how much of a cock sucking slut you are.”

She did just that, spreading her legs, pushing her panties to the side, leaning back and using one hand to prop herself up as she rubbed her pussy with the other.

“Oh god David, you can’t imagine how much I love sucking cock. I’ll suck any cock put in front of my face. I’ll take it in all the way and then stick my tongue out and lick his balls. I’ll gag on it as I starve myself for air, just to keep it in my throat just a moment longer.” she said, taking in a deep breath and bitting her lower lip as she finished.

She continued on as David pulled out his phone and started recording her.

“Satisfied?” her Master asked David.

“Yep, that will do it.” David replied and then swiped his phone several times. A moment later her Master’s phone binged and he checked his notifications.

“Perfect.” her Master replied as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy.

“You can stop now.” her Master said and she did, sitting more upright and bringing her legs together again before placing her hands behind her back.

“Alright Yvonne, David is now your Master. He is your owner.”

A shiver ran through her as she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, she let it out and then opened her eyes again, looking up at her Master.

“Master, how may I serve you?” she asked as the other man in the dirty jeans and tattered t-shirt turned and left the room.

Her Master smiled and then undid his pants, letting them and his underwear fall to the ground before he sat down in the plush chair.

“Show me how much of a cock sucking slut you are Yvonne.”

Yvonne smiled and slipped from the table onto her hands and knees, crawling over between her Master’s legs, eager to obey his every command.