A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday June 10, 2023

“Hey Abi, looking great!” John said as he approached her at her workout station.

“Thanks John!” she replied with a smile, everyone there knew who John was, he represented all the top fitness models.

“Are you interested in any modeling work? I think I’ve got something that you’d be perfect for…” he asked.

She tried as hard as she could not to squeal in glee, she’d been trying to catch his eye at the gym for months!

“Sure, yeah, of course!” she replied and he pulled a business card out of his wallet and handed it to her.

“Give my office a call and we’ll setup an appointment to discuss the details.” he said and she quickly took the card from his hand and nodded.

He left her standing there and as soon as he was out of sight she ran towards her best friend Anna and hugged her, both of them squealing like school girls.

Abi rested her arms on the ropes as the camera flashes went off. She’d signed a contract with John months ago, and at first she’d been a little concerned with the direction he’d been taking her.

She’d spent a long time at the gym getting her perfectly defined abbs and toned body, which at first he’d been very supportive of. But after a few weeks he’d started suggesting a different workout routine, to get her more photo shots, and there was something about his voice that she just couldn’t put a finger on, but made her want to do what he said.

Now, months later, she was… soft. Oh , she still spent lots of time at the gym, and she was still exceptionally fit, just not like before.

There were other things that John had suggested and she’d gone along with, like lightening her hair and changing her makeup. A slight shiver ran through her as she thought about the several small cosmetic procedures he’d suggest and she agreed to.

She had to admit she looked great, and was getting lots of work, but there was just something in the back of her head that kept nagging at her. Telling her something was off, not quite right, but she could never figure out what it was.

“Oh my god Anna!” Abi squealed and threw her arms around her best friend.

It had been so long since she’d last seen her, she’d been so busy with John and work that she’d kinda lost touch.

“Abi! You look amazing!” he best friend said as the two of them looked each other up and down, their matching pink boxing outfits showing off their bodies.

“You too! When did you start modeling?” Abi asked.

“Not long after you did! John came up to me in the gym just like he did with you.” Anna replied.

The two of them chatting for a while until the photographer called for them and then they went to work, both being complete professions.

Abi and Anna ran up to John after the photo shoot, still in their outfits, broad smiles on their faces. The two of them settled in on each side of him.

“You didn’t tell me Anna was modeling too!” Abi said in an accusing tone with a pout.

“I’m sorry, I wanted it to be a surprise.” he replied as his hands reached around both of them and came to rest on their asses.

“Well it was!” Abi said with a slight giggle as she heard a soft moan coming from her friend.

He squeezed their asses as he continued, “You know, you both have done really well, I think you’re ready to take it to the next level, don’t you?” he asked.

Abi closed her eyes and tilted her head back a bit, letting out a matching moan to Anna’s, “Oh god yes John… I want to take it to the next level so badly…” she replied.

“Me too John…” Anna agreed.

John didn’t say anything else, but instead guided them, with his hand still on their asses, to the photographer’s office. He kicked the door closed behind them and sat down on the couch, “Let’s see how much you want it… give me a little show…”

The two friends looked at each other and Abi was the first to make a move, leaning in and kissing her on the lips. Soon they both were naked and making out in front of John.

The sound of John patting his lap brought their makeout session to an end and they both turned to him and knelt down between his legs, their fingers making quick work of his pants and their lips just as quickly finding his dick.

John looked down at Abi and Anna between his legs, his cum sprayed over their faces as they licked it from each other between kisses.

He grabbed his phone and took a quick picture, adding it to the chat with his client, “I assume this will do?” he messaged.

A moment later the reply came back, “Yes. When?”

“Can be ready for Saturday if that works for you?”

“Fine. Will transfer final payment tomorrow.”

“Perfect. Pleasure doing business with you as usual.”

He didn’t like this part of his business, he much preferred the legitimate models he had. Unfortunately, there was only so much demand for fitness models and he could only do so much. So to keep his business afloat, he resorted to less… ethical business deals.

He let out a sigh as the two girls finished cleanup him, and themselves up, and then redressed.

He knew the client would take good care of them, there wasn’t any concern there, he only dealt with “reputable” clients. Not that he didn’t have some very lucrative offers from less reputable ones, he just didn’t take them.

“Congratulations ladies, you’ve made it to the next level.” he said and both women squealed in delight.

“I’ve got a real opportunity for the two of you, long term, and very rewarding. Give the office a call tomorrow and they’ll give you all the details of where to go.”

They both leaned in and kissed him, “Thanks John!” they both said and the almost skipped out of the photographers office, eager to start their new lives.

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