It had been a long time coming, but she was finally here, in his daybed beside his pool. She’d spent months, almost an entire year, perfecting her body for him, and she could hardly wait to feel his touch on it.

She slipped her top from her body to expose her tits, her nipples hard as diamonds atop the second set of implants she’d gotten for him. She leaned back and put her legs up into the air, her hands reached down and removed her bottoms, pulling them up over her legs as she brought them almost all the way to her head, exposing her pussy and ass to him.

She rolled over and brought her ass up into the air, her face still firmly on the soft material of the daybed, and then she waited.

Her breath was ragged, butterflies swarmed in her stomach, her pussy twitched with anticipation, he was so close… she knew he was. And then his hand came to rest on her ass and she gasped and moaned.

“Shit… you really went all out didn’t you?” he remarked.

She managed to stop moaning and reply, “Yes Sir, anything for you Sir.”

“Remind me, where did I met you again?” he asked as he began rubbing her ass.

She let out another moan, “St… Starbucks Sir.” she replied as the pleasure coursed through her body.

He chuckled and she imagined a smile crossed his lips, “Oh my dear, you’re going to have to be more specific than that. Do you have any idea how many girls I met at Starbucks?”

“Sorry Sir… It was at the Starbucks in the Donaldson Building, at Main and Stevenson. It was 12:47pm and I was in line in front of you. You said that if I worked out a little more, and had some bigger tits, you might fuck me, but that as I was, you weren’t interested.”

“That’s right, I remember you now. You were the one giving the barista a hard time because she misspelled your name on the cup. What was it again… Melissa? Micaela? Minerva?”

“Miranda Sir.” she got out just before his fingers slipped from her ass to between her legs, “OH GOD!” she cried out as he fingers slipped between her lips.

“Miranda! Right! Did I tell you anything else?”

“Oh god… oh god… no Sir… moan

“Hmmm… I must have been in a rush or something. Well, lets take care of that now. From now on your name is Randy, and that’s what you are as well. You’re just a horny little slut that loves to suck and fuck. Doesn’t matter who the dick is attached to, you just love getting it stuffed into you.”

She felt his power, just as she had a year ago, flow into her and her mind swirl and shift.

“You want your body to be perfect to fuck in every way; tight in the right places, firm in others, round and bulging in other still. You want it to be on display at all times, advertising exactly what you are.”

She couldn’t’ take it any longer, his power, his fingers, her need, they all crested she orgasmed over and over again.

Randy was crouched under the table, bobbing up and down on the man’s dick as he had his desert, and so did she. He’d chatted her up at the Starbucks by her place and suggested dinner. She’d quickly agreed like she always did.

She heard his hands come down on the bench and a quiet “fuck” come from above the table and she knew she was getting close. She reached out and grabbed his hands as she sped up, taking him as deep as she could with each stroke.

He didn’t last much longer and soon she had her desert as well.