Gabriela double checked herself in the mirror and then looked at her phone as a message arrived, “eta?”

She rolled her eyes and typed with her long fingernails her response, “2 min boss”, as she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Rick, the manager of the stripclub, was a harder boss than her lieutenant at the precinct, and that was saying something.

She’d been working undercover for the last six months at the strip club as a waitress, including the ridiculous uniform they made all of the waitresses wear. She’d agreed for a few reasons, the first and most important was that scoring a big bust of one of the cities highest profile criminals would give her career a big boost.

Another was the fact that she’d just moved to the state and so no one knew her yet, making her an ideal candidate to go undercover.

She put her phone away into the tiny purse she was allowed to cary around the club and headed out onto the floor.

“Oh! Hey there big guy, that’s not for sale!” Gabriela said as the semi-drunk patron grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze. It was a common occurrence at the club and those first few shifts she’d almost decked several guys. Now she just let it go and honestly, even found it a little endearing.

When she’d started at the club she’d been in pretty good shape, having been on the police force for several years, but between the uniform and the long hours of being on her feet, she’d taken the initiative to spend some extra time at the gym. Which wasn’t a problem really, as most of her shifts were at night, leaving her days free to do whatever she wanted to.

A guy giving her ass a squeeze in this place was a compliment really though. She looked around the floor as they guy put up his hands and apologized silently, the club was filled with young women working that were 10’s across the board.

She had to admit that it had kinda gotten to her a little and after a few months had been talking with one of them and found herself accepting the business card of her plastic surgeon.

She looked down at her tits and smiled, he’d really done a great job on her tits, and they patron’s really loved stuffing their money between them when they paid her for their drinks.

At first she’d tried to avoid drinking at all, but quickly found that to be impossible. So she’d tried to limit her consumption as much as possible, which usually worked, but once in a while things got a little out of hand. Usually when that happened she found herself sitting in the lap of the biggest tipper of the night and letting him fondle her tits… or even more.

She’d been super drunk last week when she’d accepted a ride home from one of the regulars and given him a blowjob as he drove. It hadn’t ended there either as she’d invited him in to her apartment and they’d proceeded to… well, fuck like bunnies for several hours.

As much of an issue as that was, she could handle it, the bigger issue was that no matter how hard she dug into the club or it’s patrons, she still hadn’t found any dirt to report back to her superiors.

Gabriela was being pulled along by the hand, in front of her was a buxom blonde named Sally that worked at the club. Beside her holding Sally’s other hand was a regular that had been hitting on Gabriela for weeks, and was one of Sally’s regulars.

He’d been buying her drinks all night and Gabriela was pretty drunk, so she didn’t really fight it when he’d suggested that the three of them head back into the VIP room for some fun. Soon enough the three of them were on a couch in one of the private room, Sally and Gabriela on each side of the man.

Sally reached across slipped her hand behind Gabriela head and pulled her across the man’s lap, their lips meeting in the middle and their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. The man reached between them and grabbed one of each of their tits and massaged them.

Sally let go of the back of Gabriela’s head and reached down and pulled her top down to expose her tits, then reached over and did the same to Gabriela’s. The man took hold of her nipple and gave it a tug, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body.

Sally broke of the kiss and Gabriela couldn’t help herself, she leaned down and placed her lips on the man’s pants where the outline of his dick was clearly visible.

It wasn’t long before his pants were around his ankles and Sally was guiding Gabriela’s head up and down his shaft.

Gabriela rolled off the man that was in her bed and stood up, her hands reaching up to remove the bunny ears that were still on her head, but her hands stopped and instead she headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

She came back into her bedroom just as the man was getting dressed and she smiled as she stood naked in the bathroom door, “Thanks baby, that was fun as always!” she said with a smile.

This was the third? Fourth? Time she’d brought him back from the club and each time had been better than the last, though she still couldn’t remember his name.

He blushed and walked over to her, wrapped an arm around he waist and pulled her close, kissing her passionately. He broke off the kiss and then left, leaving her to wonder what it would be like next time.

Gabriela sat in Rick’s office, her tits hanging out, her hair a mess, and cum drying on her face from the last man she’d blown in the VIP, as she massaged one of her tits and played with her pussy.

Rick walked in and she didn’t stop doing any of it.

He sat down behind his desk and smile, “So Gabriela, how are you liking working at the club?”

She looked him dead in the eyes and smiled, “Oh god, I love it! I get so much cock!”

Rick chuckled and smiled, “That you do, that you do. What if I said I was going to give you a promotion? A special job that only you can do?” he asked.

Gabriela perked up and stopped playing with herself, “Of course Boss! I’ll do anything for the club.” she replied earnestly.

“Good.” he replied and then looked at the door and spoke, “Come on in.”

The office door swung open and a man walked in, taking the seat to Gabriela’s right. A mix of fear, anticipation, lust, and confusion filled her face as he did.

“This is one of my oldest friends, Lieutenant Davis.” Rick said, waving his hand towards the man.

Gabriela had instantly recognized him of course, he had been the one to offer her the undercover position in the first place.

She smiled at the man and extended her hand, “Hi, I’m Gabriela, a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant.” she purred.

He took her hand gently and smiled, “Please, call me Gord. The pleasure is all mine… do you mind if I call you Gabby?”

A shiver of pleasure ran down her spin and nestled into her pussy, “Of course you can! You can me anything you want baby.”

“I’m glad you too are getting along so well.” Rick said, interrupting the two of them staring at each other. Gord at Gabby’s exposed tits, Gabby at the hardening shaft in Gord’s pants.

They both turned to look at Rick and Gord cleared his throat.

“So Gabby, your promotion is to ensure that Gord here is always, and I mean always, satisfied.”

Goosebumps formed all over Gabby’s skin as she shivered, “Ooooo… I’ll do anything to keep him satisfied… I promise!”

“That’s great to hear Gabby. Now as this is the most important job at the club, I have to insist that you dedicate all of your time to it. That means you’re not going to have any time left to work the floor anymore, you’ll going to have to spend all of your time making sure Gord is taken care of.”

Gabby nodded in agreement, not knowing what else to say.

“Good. Now go get cleaned up and changed into your street clothes and then come back here.”

“Sure thing Boss! I’ll be right back baby, don’t go anywhere!” she replied to Rick first and then turned to Gord.

She quickly left, eager to fulfil the duties of her promotion.

Gord shook his head as Gabby wiggled her ass out of the office, “You know, no matter how many times I see you do it, I still can’t believe the results.”

Rick let out a laugh and smiled, “Well, I’m just glad have a mutually beneficial understanding about it.”

Rick the got a little more serious and looked at Gord in the eyes, “Are you sure about this though? I mean I can have her dancing on stage in no time and you can fuck her any night you want… you don’t need to settle for just one.”

Gord smiled and nodded, “I know, but I’ve been fucking a bevy of your girls for years… and they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but I want something more regular at the moment. And the first day Gabriela walked in to the precinct I know what that was.”

Rick just nodded and waved his hands in front of him, palms up, “Well, alright then. Let me know if you change your mind.”

“I will, though it won’t be anytime soon. And don’t worry, our understanding remains wether I’m sampling a dozen of your girls or just one.”

Rick nodded and then stood up, extending his hand, “I never doubted it for a moment.” he said as the two men shook hands and then made small talk until Gabby returned.

The two of the were just about to walk out of Rick’s office when he spoke up again, “Gabby… aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked as she turned around and saw him pointing at the top of his head.

Gabby blinked several times and then let out a giggle as her hand reached up and pulled the bunny ears from her head and handed them to him.

Gord and Gabby then left his office and closed the door behind him. Rick turned the bunny ears over in his hand and then separated the material of the band to reveal the high tech electronics he contained. There didn’t seem to be any damage, but he’d do a thorough inspection before giving it to the next waitress he hired.

He sat down at his desk and put the bunny ears to the side, pulling up the job site he usually used that was popular with the university students and reposted the waitress position that had just opened up.