A hands on kind of leader...

Friday June 30, 2023

“Put that down Bambi!” Carl shouted from the other end of the bar and Bambi looked over to him.

“Like, sorry Mr. Tanner. But, like, I just gotta suck on something soon! giggle” Bambi replied and put the bottle of liquor down on the shelf and then wiggled her ass over to him.

She pushed her tits out and wiggled in place for a moment until he rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Didn’t I see Henry come in just a few minutes ago?”

giggle Yeah, but like, Daisy got to him first.” she replied with a pout.

He looked around and then pointed at another regular, “Go see if he wants a blowjob, I’m sure he’ll say yes.”

Bambi giggled and nodded and then skipped off towards the man Carl had pointed to.

He had to admit, he might have gone a little overboard with a few of the girls like Bambi, but it wasn’t his fault. Bambi was only the second girl he’d used the subliminal messages on and he hadn’t fine tuned the process yet.

He hadn’t liked doing it, at least at first, but after inheriting his father’s run down strip club, he’d been desperate. The girls were all drug addicts or divas, the bouncers were drug dealers or thugs, and his manager had been skimming off the top of the till and taking a cut of the girls money.

Firing the manager and replacing the bouncers had been easy… but the girls… god, it was worse than highschool with them!

He’d been working on the tech since college, and he hadn’t even been sure it word work, so he’d tried it out on Camilla. She’d been at the club the longest, and honestly was over the hill, so if it didn’t work he’d just fire her anyway. But it had, and soon he’d used it on Bambi and half a dozen other dancers.

It was then that things got a little out of control.

Candy was a walking wet dream, a true blonde bombshell, and well… he’d been unable to resist adding in a few extra suggestions. Like a deep seeded desire to suck him off.

He looked over to see Bambi and the gentleman heading back into the VIP just in time to see John walk up to the bar.

Carl smiled and extended his hand, “Captain Brennon, how are you this fine evening?”

“Very well, thanks for asking Carl. I see business is hopping tonight?”

Carl nodded, “Could be better, but I’m not complaining.” he replied.

Carl then reached into his pocked and pulled out an envelope and pushed it across the bar to him. John quickly put it in his own pocked and nodded.

“And of course Dorthy is waiting in my office for you.”

John smiled and nodded and then headed towards the back, as the local head of police it was important to keep him satisfied and there was no one better at that then Dorthy.

Carl took in a deep breath and let it out, John was right though, business was hopping, and it was just tonight. The club was packed all the time now it seemed. He was going to have to expand, and that meant going to the planning department, which meant more payoffs.

He wondered if it was worth it, then Candy walked up beside him and gave him a kiss, “Hey baby… whatcha thinking about?” she asked with the biggest smile on her lips.

“Oh, just business stuff babe. Just business stuff.” he said and then wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her ass.

They kissed and then she broke the embrace and went back to work. He let out another sigh, she was the only reason he was thinking about expanding, he had more than enough business going on in the club to keep him comfortably for the rest of his life. But Candy was a more expensive habit, and she demanded far more than just one strip club could provide, so expansion was the way to go.

Even if he knew she would demand more and more and more.

Things were a little out of control, just not in the way he had expected they would be.

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