“What… what do you mean I’m a big titted cow?” Cheryl managed to get out, confusion engulfing her thoughts.

Which wasn’t normally the case… at least she didn’t think it was… wasn’t she in university for something?

“I mean, you’re well on your way at least…” Troy, her boyfriend said as he sat in his favorite chair and held what looked like a TV remote in his hand and was pointing it at her.

There was definitely something going on, that much she was sure about, but exactly what she was still trying to figure out.

“I dwon’t unwerwand…” she replied, her puffy lips getting in the way of her forming words fully. She reached up and touched them which sent a shiver of pleasure through her.

“Mooooooo!” she cried out in surprise as he looked down at Troy just in time to see her massive tits pop another button from her overalls, her nipples cresting the material.

She cocked her head to the side, even more confused as she reached down and touched them. It was like a jolt of electricity shot through her body, right to her pussy and she found it impossible not to drop down to all fours.

“MOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” she cried out as a small orgasm crested.

She looked up at Troy, eyes wide, her lips slightly parted as she could no longer close them fully. She crawled forward towards him but that was a mistake, her engorged tits hanging so low that her nipples dragged across the course carpet, sending another wave of pleasure through her.

“Moooooooo!!!!” she moaned as she started crawling around the room, her nipples dragging along beneath her until she couldn’t take it any longer and she crawled over to Troy, right between his legs.

She pushed her swollen lips to his crotch and let out a muffled moo once more. She continued until he placed his hand on her head and pushed her back.

Cheryl didn’t noticed what he had in his other hand, as her vision was still focused on his crotch, until it passed in front of her face as he wrapped it around her neck. He sat back and she moved forward again, this time sending the ringer of the bell around her neck into the side of the bell and ringing out.

Her whole body shivered and she let out another moo. She looked up at him, her eyes desperate, as she rocked back and forth, sending the bell ringing each time. She parted her lips and stuck her tongue out and started to moo in rhythm with the bell.

It was driving her nuts and she didn’t think she could take it any longer, but then she heard Troy’s zipper being pulled down and she knew she wouldn’t have to wait much longer.