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15th Writing Anniversary and Updates

Wow, it’s been 15 years since I submitted my first story on mcstories.com, time flies when you’re having fun I guess πŸ˜ƒ

Of course, that actaully means I’ve been writing for a bit longer than that, it took a little while to get that first story written and edited, but close enough.

As such, to celebrate, I’ll do an update post on my writing and statistics.

As of today there are 3,380 posts on my blog, with another 85 scheduled.

My writing has been primarily on my blog this year so far, but I do have two stories written but not yet edited to submit at some point. A few additional writting notes:

  • I have FWBP posts up until March 2024 scheduled so far, and Monday Sexbot posts until December.
  • Daily posts are complete up until mid August, so I’m running about 6 weeks in advance, though wirting has slowed down a little as summer is here.
  • Follower counts are progressing on the various sites, with DeviantArt being the fast growing group. Tumblr is growing slowly, but the initial spurt of followers has passed and so growth is slow there now:
Year (Month)bdsmlrliteroticadeviantarttumblr
2021 (July)233254286n/a
2021 (EOY)386 (+65%)274 (+8%)384 (+34%)n/a
2022 (March)451 (+17%)287 (+5%)462 (+20%)n/a
2022 (Sept)561 (+24%)300 (+5%)758 (+64%)n/a
2022 (EOY)632 (+12%)342 (+13%)1k+ (+31%)146 (+100%)
2023 (March)719 (+14%)350 (+2%)1.2k+ (+20%)211 (+45%)
2023 (July)806 (+11%)360 (+3%)1.3k+ (+8%)312 (+47%)
Percentage are change since previous row. deviantart only provides round numbers after 1k followers.

As always, thanks for reading and your feedback.

Here’s looking forward to another 15 years of writing!

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