Anastasia drew out a syringe full of the nano solution and then set the large vile back on the desk before standing up and turning towards the unconscious form of the naked woman on the table with the man in the white lab coat standing over her.

Not too long ago it had been her on the table, the Doctor having to draw the syringe himself.

If she could see herself now, she would have been terrified by what she had become, but the nanites had take way her ability for such self reflection.

She walked over to the Doctor and handed him the syringe, “100cc of nano solution Doctor.” she said in a calm, cold voice as she handed it to him.

“Thank you.” he replied, more out of habit than anything else, he certainly didn’t need to thank her.

He inserted the syringe into the IV that she had done earlier that day and slowly injected the nanites into the patient. When he was done, he pulled the syringe back out and handed it to her to dispose of. She quickly took care of her duties and then return.

“Keep a close eye on her and let me know the moment she’s awake.”

“Yes Doctor.” she replied, and then he turned and left.

She looked down at the woman on the table, she must have been in her forties, and time had not been kind to her. Deep wrinkles on her face, track marks along her arms, a large scare along her abdomen from a c-section, tattoos dotted all over her body, short scraggly oily hair that was a mix of black and grey, a quite overweight.

The wrinkles were the first to fade away, and then her hair started to lighten. By the time it had thickened and become a rich blonde, all of her tattoos were gone along with the scares. It took longer for the rest of her body to shift and reconfigure itself, but when it was done, a buxom blonde in her early 20’s laid on the table.

All in all, it had taken almost two hours for the process to complete. Then, she opened her eyes and sat upright, turning to look at Anastasia with a smile.

“Hello Mistress, how may I serve you?” the woman said in a beautiful sing-song voice.

“Please wait her while I retrieve the Doctor.” Anastasia replied.

“Yes Mistress.” the blonde said and then Anastasia turned and walked out of the room.

Anastasia didn’t know where the blonde was destined for, nor did it matter to her, her job was to simply follow the Doctor’s orders and so she did.