Hannah’s fingers slipped down between her legs and she started to masturbate, right there in the control room as the latest track she was working on. She’d checked that the studio was empty, but had locked the control room door as well just in case.

The music thumped a hard beat as she stroked her pussy fast and fast, her free hand gliding up to her small breast and giving it a squeeze before continuing up to the headphones that sat on her head.

As the music came to a crescendo, so did her pleasure and she gasped as her orgasm crested and her knees almost gave out from beneath her. She managed to stay upright as the music faded and she walked back over to the console and took a seat.

The next song started and she leaned back and relaxed, letting it wash over her and take away all the stress that she’d been feeling. She’d taken the job because, well, she’d had to. Low on cash and rent coming up at the end of the week, a few days of mixing seemed like an easy way to solve the problem.

It had been even better when the owner of the studio had let her use the facilities after hours for her own music.

Unfortunately she hadn’t been getting much work done for herself as she’d been so horny each day after mixing the tracks for the bands she was being paid too, that she’d ended up spending most of her time jilling herself off.

It was ok though, the studio manager had more work for her next week and the same deal applied.

Hannah knelt down in front of the new equipment that the studio had brought in just last week and showed off her own new equipment that she’d bought last month.

Things had really been going well for her over the last six months, with more and more work from the studio she’d caught up on her bills and even put away a little money for emergencies. Or, as it had turned out, a nice big set of tits.

She smiled and almost giggled at the though of her old, small tits, and how her new ones were so much better. All the guys did too.

After a month of getting nothing done on her own music, she’d grown tired of just masturbating, and so one night she’d asked the studio manager to hang back and help her with something. That something of course was getting laid and he’d been only too happy to help her with that.

It wasn’t long before she was sucking and fucking every guy that came through the studio between takes, before recording, or after they’d finished.

During the session though, she was a complete professional, making sure they got their tracks down and the mixes done perfectly.

The manager walked in with another man and approached her, “Hey Hannah, you remember David from B.an.d Management right?”

“Like, of course! giggle Ya wanna fuck my titties David?” she replied, giving her tits a shake as she did so.

“Maybe later, right now I’ve got something I want you to listen to.” David replied and held out a USB stick.

Hannah quickly stood up and took the stick from him, “Of course, I’ll take a listen right away.” she replied and walked over to the console and plugged the stick in, putting a pair of headphones on.

It only took her a minute or so to recognize what was wrong and she was already thinking about how to fix it.

Hannah closed her eyes and swayed from side to side slightly as the music played over the headphones, “Mmmmmm… like I could totally suck cock to this allllll night long! giggle

Then she turned towards the piano and started to play a little in time with the music, just to mix in something a little different.

When she was done, she went back into the control room and finished up the mix, saving it and sending it back to David at B.an.d Management.

She closed her eyes and moaned a little as she thought of David. She loved working for him full time, mixing his latest artists, sucking his cock, being bent over her console and fucked… he was an amazing boss!

And so understanding too! He gave her as much time off as she needed to upgrade herself to being his perfect little fuck doll.

She leaned back and started to masturbate again to the thought of his dick between her tits, it wasn’t as good as the real thing, but she knew he’d drop by the studio later in the week and then she wouldn’t just have to imagine it.

Just as she was about to climax, the control room door opened and the studio manager and another man walked in, she didn’t stop and instead smiled at the new man.

“Hey, like, have you got a cock to stuff in this pussy? giggle

The studio manager just rolled his eyes and turned to leave, “Come back to my office when you’re done.” he said patting the man on the back.

She could just hear the studio manager complain as he left, “I should fire that bimbo slut, but she’d the best mixer I have…” as he shook his head.

She let out a giggle, knowing full well he had no power to fire her, but that he was otherwise correct. She was his best mixer and she was definitely a bimbo slut.

The other man walked up to her and quickly dropped his pants, slipping quickly into her pussy to her orgasmic squeals.