A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday July 26, 2023

Sasha gave a wicked little smile as John entered her office, “Please have a seat John.” she said and gestured to the chair just in front of her.

John, or as he preferred to be called “Uncle” John had been trying to get her out of her deceased parents company for years but it had finally backfired on him and now it was finally time to get him out of her life for good!

He sat down with a pleasant, if fake, smile on his face, “Thanks Sasha, what can I do for you?”

It was his MO, always pleasant, always helpful, always ready with a knife to stick in your back.

She reached around behind her and picked up the folder, opening it slowly and then taking a photo from it, “Well, I need to talk to you about this…” she replied handing him the photo.

His eyes only betrayed an instant of surprise and concern, then it was like he was holding a photo of the cities skyline instead of a vulgar image of a young, naked blonde eagerly sucking his dick.

He turned it slightly from side to side, studying it for a moment, “Quite good camera work if I do say.” he quipped.

“Yes, indeed. Unfortunately the young woman didn’t seem to agree when I fired her.”

John raised an eyebrow, “That’s unfortunate, it wasn’t her fault really. I do have a certain… charm.”

She rolled her eyes, he was well past his prime and the only “charm” he held was the power in the company he held over a junior assistant.

She pulled a sheet of paper from the folder and handed it to him, “Yes well, I have your resignation letter already prepared… all it needs is your signature.”

“Oh I don’t think that will be required, I’m not married and I doubt Jennifer will say anything against me.” he replied smugly.

“She doesn’t have to, didn’t you read the updated company policy?” she asked and handed him another piece of paper, “I highlighted the important parts there for you…”

This time his face turned red with anger, “You’ve got to be kidding me! Half the senior staff should be fired with this clause!” she almost shouted at her.

“True, true… but you’re the first, not the last that I’ll be dealing with over the next few weeks.”

He stood up and took a step towards her, “After all I’ve done for you? You ungrateful little…” he started to say but didn’t finish, instead just tossing the papers and photo in her face and storming out of the office.

“Your parents would be ashamed at how you’ve turned out Sasha…” was the last thing he said and she simply ignored him.

“Doctor, she’s waking up…” the blonde woman holding the anesthetic mask said as she looked down at Sasha.

Sasha tried to clear her head, but it was hard. The last thing she remembered was walking out of the office after letting go yet another wretched old executive that didn’t respect her with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.

Then… a noise? Yes, something had caught her attention as she approached her car and then… nothing.

“Good, go ahead and get her anesthetized, the knockout drug should be clear of her system by now.” she heard a second voice say from somewhere to her right, she tried to roll her head over to see him but the woman took hold of her chin and stopped her before placing the mask over her nose and mouth.

Sasha tried to get her off her face, but soon her struggle subsided and her eyes fluttered shut.

When Sasha came too, everything hurt. Her arms, her legs, her stomach, her chest, her face… everything.

She blinked a few times and then the same blonde woman came into view over her.

“Hello Sasha, I am Tamika. I am here to ensure your treatment goes well. As long as you do as I say, we will have no problems.” the woman said in a strict voice.

Sasha tried to ask what was happening, but her lips seems to refuse to move and pain shot through her eliciting a slight moan.

“Do not try and speak, it is too early for that. Just relax. This will help.” Tamika said and then held up a needle and vial, extracting some of the clear liquid in it, and then injecting her.

Whatever it was sent her flying through the clouds quick and she hardly noticed Tamika placing the headset over her eyes and ears.

Sasha smiled and giggled as she sat naked on her bed, “Uncle John, you should knock!” she cried and then pouted.

“Oh come now, you’re Uncle John has seen you naked before…” he replied and then sat down next to her on the bed.

He reached over and took one of her rock hard nipples in his fingers and gave it a little twist. In response she spread her legs, closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she let out a moan.

“Thank you Uncle John…” she said softly, and she meant it.

She own him everything after he took her in when her parents had died. Even though he didn’t have much, just this small apartment that they shared, he’d done everything he could to help her even though he technically wasn’t family.

She felt his hand slip between her legs and she laid back onto the bed. Soon he was sucking on one of her nipples as his fingers invaded her pussy. Not soon enough it was his cock and she squealed in delight.

John sat behind his desk as CEO and looked across to Sasha who was sitting in the chair across from him.

“So Miss… Suckysucky, what makes you think your qualified to be my assistant?” he asked.

giggle Like, Sasha suck cock good, you know Uncle John! giggle” she replied and then stuck the sucker between her lips and eagerly sucked on it.

He smiled and nodded. It had been two years of “raising” Sasha right in the small apartment just around the corner, but now she was finally ready to rejoin the company her parent had founded.

“Well, as my assistant, it’s more than just sucking my cock you know.”

She popped the sucker out of her mouth and nodded, “Yes, yes! Sasha know! Sasha got big fake titties for you! Sasha have tight pussy too! Sasha make good fucky sucky girl for you, promise!”

John nodded and the smiled. When he’d paid the shadowy organization to “take care of” his problem with Sasha he’d just assumed he’d be done with her for good. But when they’d informed him that they could do much more than get sent her away… well, he hadn’t been able to resist.

They couldn’t just make her into whatever he wanted, but they could “erase” parts of her so that they could be remade. So he’d had them wipe out almost all of her adult behaviours so he could substitute them with ones he wanted.

Gone was the smart, driven, ambitious, and ruthless Sasha that had tried to fire him, replace with the dumb, obedient, horny girl that sat before him now.

John stood up and walked around his desk to stand beside Sasha, she looked up at him with excitement in her eyes.

“Ok, well, I tell you what. I’ll hire you on a three month probationary period and we’ll see just how tight that pussy of yours is.”

She squealed in delight and dropped her sucker instantly, her fingers flying to his pants. She quickly got his cock between her lips and he grabbed hold of her pig tails and started fucking the mouth that had tried to fire him in this very office for the only thing it was good for now.

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