“Are you enjoying your new life?” Tom asked as the blonde played with the lasso, running it over her body.

“Oh god yes! So very much so!” she exclaimed, running the lasso down over her latex covered breasts and then running her latex gloved hands up the sides of her head and wrapping the lasso around her neck gently.

“And what is that new life?”

She gasped and moaned a little before replying, “I’m a living fuck doll, eager to be used!”

“And your old life?”

“I was a stupid little superheroine. So dumb and silly, I thought I was powerful and heroic.”

Tom turned to Jacob, the man standing beside him, “Satisfied?”

Jacob nodded, “Quite impressive, I like her as a blonde.”

“You can change that if you like, we just needed to break her of all of her old conceptions of who she was. Now that the process is complete, she’s completely malleable, both physically and mentally.”

“And the lasso?” Jacob asked.

“I’m afraid that doesn’t come with her.”

“Even for another million?”

“I’m afraid not. It’s not for sale at this time. However the replica she’s playing with at the moment is included. It doesn’t have any magical powers, but she does enjoy playing with it and it does a good job of simulating the look of the original.” Tom replied.

“I guess it will have to do, my buyer is very interested and he found the price very reasonable, all things considered.”

Tom nodded and extended his hand, taking Jacobs into it and consummating the deal.

“Great, wire me the payment and were to deliver her. I’ll drop her off personally and go over her triggers and programming with your client.”

“Sounds good, I’ll send you confirmation as soon as it’s done. Should be no later than tomorrow morning.”

Jacob turned and walked out of the room, when he was gone, Tom walked over in front of the once proud WonderMaiden and took her chin in his hand and tilted her head up so she was looking directly into his eyes.

“Good news! You’re going to have a new owner soon, so as a special treat, I’m going to let you choose which hole I use for the last time.”

She let out a gasp and her eyes rolled back into her head slightly, “My ass! Oh god, my ass! I want your cock so deep in my ass that cum will be dribbling out of it for a week!”

Tom let out a chuckle and let go of her chin, “Good choice. Go get yourself ready and I’ll be there shortly.”

WonderMaiden leapt up and wiggled her ass as she nearly ran from the room, Tom admired every sway of it as she did.

He was going to miss that ass, but business was business, and his work on her was done. She had brought in a pretty penny, making him a tidy profit, but she was only the icing on the cake. The real treasure had been the magical lasso, which had gone for even more than he’d expected at the auction.

He’d made a mental note to place a higher reserve price on any future items he obtained, then walked towards his bedroom. It would take WonderMaiden a little while to get ready, but he wasn’t in a rush, and he had all night with her at least, and more likely a few days, before he’d have to deliver her and he was definitely going to take advantage of that time.