Darla was on her ass again, the nipple clamps tightly secured, and desperately trying to keep her legs crossed against the urgent need to spread them.

It was an all to common occurrence these days, since she’d been fired from her job for giving the intern a blowjob in the copy room, there were only a few things she found herself doing.

Sitting in the kitchen, with her legs spread was by far the most common, but others included; using the home gym, sitting in front of the mirror applying new makeup and hair styles, browsing the net for porn of big titted blondes sucking and fucking their brains out, and of course masturbating to said porn.

It was a far cry from her old life as a bank manager, always being proper and stuffy, never letting go or taking risks.

It was all due to her new boyfriend David, well new was perhaps an exaggeration, they’d been dating for almost a year and things had started off great!

He’d loved her prim and proper attitude, her conservative dress, her plain brown hair, her minimal makeup, her scheduled make-out sessions and sex times. Then, a few months in, he’d started to take a more assertive attitude with her, slowly but surely taking control of their relationship, until now she was little more than a horny little bimbo that wanted to spread her legs for him at every chance she got.

She opened her eyes, not even realizing that she’d closed them as she got lost in thought, and looked down at her fingers gently rubbing her clit between her wide spread legs.

She looked up to see David standing above her and she blushed furiously as she let out a moan.

“How are you making out Darla?” he asked with a smile across his face.

“Oh god David, I need you to fuck me so badly! I need your cock in my pussy!” she gasped as she raised her slick fingers to her lips and sucked on them, moaning even louder as she did.

David chuckled and smirked, “Is that so? And what about what I need?” he asked.

She popped her fingers from between her lips and smiled up at him as she reached to the sides of her tits and pushed them together, “Yes! Oh god yes! I want to get huge fake tits for you! I want them so big, and round, and firm, that they make my head looks small! I want you to suck’em, squeeze’em, slap’em, and fuck’em!” she cried out as a small orgasm crashed over her.

David watched her arch her back and her head make contact with the fridge as a series of blinking led’s illuminated the chocker she wore. He grinned from ear to ear as the pattern indicated that the orgasm had come without any help of the collar, but entirely from her own volition.

He walked over and unzipped his pants, pulling his dick out just in time for Darla to recover from the orgasm and her eyes to light up as she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around him.