Kelly knelt on the grass and ran her hand over her hair, the grass on her knees feeling so good that she let out a soft moan.

Deep down she knew it was wrong, to want to be on her knees all the time, let alone outside in the open. She just couldn’t help it though, the brainwashing had progress far enough that she could no longer fight it, let alone disobey it.

Kelly had known from an early age that her looks would be her most valuable asset, coming from a poor family with few opportunities in a small town, she’d spent her youth saving up enough money to get to the big city. Once there, she’d latched on to the first guy with any kind of money and had been trading upwards ever since.

John, her current “boyfriend”, was rich. Not just a little rich, but *stupid* rich. The kind of wealth that bought him a life of luxury with no responsibilities and a bevy of women desperate to be the next Mrs. Right. Kelly had secured that position the old fashioned way and offered him whatever he wanted, no limits.

After a few months on dating, he’d brought up his interest in “brainwashing” and she’d managed to hold back her laughter, assuming he wasn’t serious, but that he was talking about some kind of kink that he wanted to explore. Once in a while, she still even wished that she had laughed out loud instead of agreeing as she always had.

At first, it had been kind of cheese… lots of video and audio tapes, a fancy VR helmet, a couple of vibrators, all hooked up to a computer with wires running all over the place. It could have been a b-movie set, but he’d been very serious and so she’d played along.

After a few sessions she hadn’t felt any different, but the vibrators were doing the job well and she couldn’t complain about the orgasms that they brought on.

She had spoken up when he’d brought out the syringe filled with a clear liquid.

After assuring her that it was completely harmless, not addictive in anyway, and would just relax her, he’d then insinuated that if she didn’t want to take it, that he was sure he could find someone that would.

She hesitated for a minute, but eventually agreed and was rewarded with even better orgasms than before. The next time he brought out the syringe, she simply held out her arm for him.

Kelly looked over to the sound of the sliding door opening and her eyes went wide, her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened as John stepped through it. Without thinking she parted her lips and extended her tongue, panting just a little.

John walked over to her and patted her head, “Awe, is my sexy little bitch happy to see me?” he asked.

She pushed her tits out and gave them a shake as she nodded yes. Then she leaned forward and put her hands on her knees as she rubbed her face into his crotch and wiggled her ass in excitement.

It wasn’t long before he dropped his pants and her lips were wrapped around his dick.

She knew what the brainwashing was doing, turning her into his perfect little bitch in heat, a pet he could parade around his backyard.

Deep down she knew it was wrong, but every other part of her mind screamed out for him to accelerate her brainwashing so there was no part of her that wasn’t exactly what he wanted her to be.