A hands on kind of leader...

Friday September 01, 2023

Denise lifted her glass of wine to her over stuffed lips and took another sip as she waited for her next client. Hopefully this one would treat her just as well as the last one had, slapping her tits, spanking her ass, and fucking her so hard and fast that the only thing she could do was scream in ecstasy.

It was what she was built for after all, and when she said built, she really meant it.

It wasn’t all that long ago that she was a flat chested, middle aged, boring business woman. Back then she’d been so focused on improving profits and dressing down the men that always seemed to threaten her position, that she didn’t pay any attention to Jim and his small team in the lab.

Jim had never given her any problems and seemed… meek, all things considered. She knew better now.

Now she knew he had been a wild animal, stalking her from the long grass, and even now her pussy quivered at the thought. She let out a soft sigh, it had been so long since Jim had called her, or fucked her, that she wondered if he’d totally forgotten about her.

It had been over a year since he’d set her up in her small apartment and at least six months since the last time he’d dropped by and fucked her ass. She longed to feel his cock in her ass again, no one gave her orgasms like he did, and she made sure he knew it every time by telling him so with each thrust.

The boys in the lab had taken weeks to build her new body and several more to rewrite her mind. She’d cursed them during that time, right up until she didn’t. After that, she showed them exactly how sorry she was and fucked each and every one of them… often.

Denise looked up to see a man walking towards her and she tried to conceal her disappointment with the best smile she could make with her mostly botox frozen face. He was old… and fat… and struggling to make his way to her table, she knew he wouldn’t be able to use her like she was meant to be, not the way she needed to be, but he had a cock and that was the most important thing.

She set her wine glass down and stood up to meet him, wrapping her arms around him and pushing her tits into his chest. In return he reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze. It wasn’t hard, in fact it was kind of weak, but it still sent a shiver through her.

Perhaps he knew Jim… maybe if she sucked and fucked him well enough he might get word back to Jim about how good she had been… perhaps… perhaps.

Perhaps Jim would come over to her apartment and use her just the way she was built to be.

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