Dhyana pushed her hair back a little as she stood in front of the man and smiled, “Hey baby, want a dance?” she asked.

She hated that it had come to this, selling her body at a strip club just to make ends meet, she had been a prominent superhero just a few months ago, saving the city and the world on any given day!

The man smiled and shook his head from side to side. She wasn’t sure if what she had been reduced to or the rejection was worse.

Stripped of her powers and magically transformed from her old six foot amazonian physic, she was now barely over five feet tall and completely unrecognizable. But worse than the physical changes were the mental ones.

She was still WonderMaiden in her own head but she could never get those thoughts and ideas out of her lips. Instead, a steady stream of simple words and silly sounds were all that escaped her lips.

The cherry on top thought was the constant state of arousal she was in, making hard to do anything but flirt with any man that she was near. She’d even found herself flirting with women when there were no men around.

It had made getting a “normal” job impossible. She’d tried several but gotten fired from each and every one of them within days, either because she was hitting on the boss, or the other employee’s, or the customers.

She walked up to the next man sitting in the club and decided to take a more direct approach, sitting down on his lap without even asking.

“Hey baby… wanna tie me up and play with me?” she asked with a devious smirk on her lips.

The first few shifts at the club had been pretty strait forward, she’d worm a tiny bikini and strutted around, snagging several clients. It was only after the first week or so that a deep need to dress up like her old hero persona at the club took hold.

She wasn’t sure if it was something that had been done when she had been transformed, or if those that had done the transformation to her continued to monitor her and make more changes, either way, since then she’d worn this same outfit for each shift.

The man reached around and placed one of his hands on her ass and the other on her knee, “Well I don’t know… a big strong superheroine like yourself might be too much for me to handle…” he said with a smirk.

“Oh baby, I’m such a weak little thing, I’m sure a big strong man like yourself would have no problem at all. Tie me up and have your way with me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all to stop you… you could do anything you wanted to me.”

The man ran his hand up her leg and over her torso until he was cupping her breast, “Anything?”

She leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Anything… a helpless little heroine like me wouldn’t be able to stop you. You could stick your dick in my mouth, or my pussy, or my ass, and I’d just have to take it… all the way in.”

She pulled back to see his smiling and nodding, so she stood up and took hold of his hand and dragged him back towards the VIP area. She knew he’d keep her busy for a while, which was a mixed blessing.

The orgasms would be very welcome, and she knew they would come no matter what he wanted to do to her, but likewise it would be another day where she didn’t get any time to try and figure out who had done this to her.

There were far too many days like this one, she had little to no time to try and track down what had happened to her or who had done it. Whoever it was had wiped her mind of the information and she often wondered if she’d ever uncover the truth.

If she could just stop sucking and fucking every dick she met, she was sure she’d figure it out. The problem was that the more she sucked and fucked, the more she wanted to, the more she needed to, and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get enough time to figure it out.