Erin stared at the selfie from a few weeks ago and her reflection in the mirror, gently touching her upper lip… it was definitely bigger than it had been. So was her lower lips for that matter.

Her eyes drifted down to her breasts, at least they were the same size.

She pushed her glasses up and squinted at the selfie again, was her hair a lighter colour?

Ron had told her that he’d have an effect on her, that his powers were too strong to resist and that she’d slowly, but steadily start to become what he wanted her to be, whatever that ended up being.

It was a risk she’d agreed to, she’d been dating him for years before he gained his powers in an industrial accident, and she wasn’t about to leave him now.

She looked back up to her face and only then realized that her finger had slipped between her lips and she was gently sucking on it as she stroked it in and out. That had definitely changed, she’d never enjoyed oral sex before, but now she pretty much had an oral obsession!

She often found herself daydreaming about sucking Ron’s dick. Daydreaming, that was new as well. She’d never been one to lose focus and drift off into fantasy, but she was having a lot of trouble staying on task at work these days.

She popped her finger from between her lips and quickly did up her blouse before heading out to work, hoping that she could keep focused for at least a few hours.

“Ronnieeeeee…” Erin whined as she crawled on the floor towards his feet, “Fuck my face! Like, now!”

God she was suck a oral slut, all she ever wanted was Ron’s cock between her lips. Even when he fucked her pussy or ass it wasn’t even close to the pleasure of when he fucked her face!

She stuck out her tongue and looked up at Ron, a smile across his lips as he reached down and stroked her head a few times.

She cooed in response, “Awe, does my airhead Erin need her face fucked again?”

Erin kept her tongue out and nodded, “Wes weese.”

Ron obliged her and pulled out his dick, it was huge in comparison to before he had his powers, in fact it was so large that she would never have been able to take it all in before. But that wasn’t a problem now, Ron’s powers had made Erin’s mouth and throat the perfect shape and size to take him in completely.

She wrapped her lips around him and slowly, and deliberately, took him in to her. She felt his cock slide past the back of her throat and deep down into her, a wave a pleasure coursed through her as she let out a slight chocking sound as her nose nuzzled into his public hair.

It was for effect only of course, she knew he liked to hear it, her gag reflex was long gone and she could hold her breath for what seemed like forever.

She rocked back and fourth, feeling her throat bludge each time his cock pushed into it, until she could take no more and the first of several orgasms crashed over her.

Erin enjoyed every second of it, and didn’t even really miss her life from before. She didn’t miss her work, or her friends, or going out, or standing up, or anything really.

All that matter was her new life as Ron’s perfect oral slut, and she spent every waking moment being exactly that.