Casey looked down at the tennis ball in her hand and wanted nothing more than to hurl it at the head of the man standing in front of her.

That wasn’t exactly true, she did want more… she wanted a second ball to hurl at the other man that was standing beside the first!

Instead she stayed perfectly still, pushing herself up on to her toes, which wasn’t easy to do, and waited.

“So as I understand it your interested in Casey, correct?” the first man said and the second nodded in the affirmative.

Casey didn’t know his name, but she “knew” him none the less. He was the manager of the “therapy spa” where she had been since she arrived three months ago. She’d arrived with a torn ham string and her manager, Roger, had booked her in for a two week rehab stint.

She should have known something was off, Roger was never interested in her injuries, only when she’d be back on the court making him money. That was the second thing that should have set off alarm bells, he hadn’t mentioned her poor performances on the court for weeks before her injury.

It was an unpleasant truth that she had been trying to ignore for a while, she was past her prime and even if she was in great shape, the younger players had been dominating her for a while. She’d been lucky enough to eck out a few wins, but nothing that placed her “in the money” as Roger had said.

She was still earning enough to live on, but not much else.

She did have to admit that the “spa” had done a wonderful job at rehabbing her ham string, but they’d done just as good of job messing with her mind and she was now little more than a doll to be played with.

The thought sent a shiver through her as her nipples hardened instantly.

“Casey, come over her please.” the manager called out and Casey quickly moved over to the two men.

The manager reached out and took the tennis racket from her hand, which she let him do.

“Here, lets put that away for now.” he said and then hooked a finger under her top and pulled it out so he could slip the handle of the racket up between her tits where it firmly lodged.

She gasped slightly and smiled, “Thank you Sir, I’m happy to be of use.”

“Is she… is she still able to play tennis?” the other man asked the manager.

“Oh yes, she’s still quite good. Not quite top tier, but still good enough to beat any amateur easily enough.” the manger replied as he plucked the tennis ball from her other hand and tossed it to the side of the court.

“If you don’t mind me asking… what is your particular interest in Casey?”

“Oh, not at all, I’ve been a big fan for years. I was very disappointed to hear of her retirement.”

Inwardly Casey fumed, it was the first confirmation that she’d had that Roger had “retired” her from the tour. It wasn’t a surprise though, how else could he have explained the months long absence?

The manager nodded and smiled, “Well, I think you’ll find her… appreciative… of her fans now.” the manager said.

It cut her deep, she’d long been criticised for being standoffish, even snobbish, to her fans. It wasn’t a fair criticism, she was busy and focused on her game, she just hadn’t though of her fans all that much.

“Casey, Charles here is your biggest fan.” the manager said and it was like a light switch went off in her head.

A broad smile crossed her lips as she stepped forward and placed her hand on Charles chest, “Oh my, that is so great! I just love my fans so much Charles! Perhaps you’d like to hold my rack… et?” she said as she shook her tits from side to side a bit.

Charles looked at the manager and he nodded back to him, “I’ll leave you two alone for a bit…” the manager said and the walked off.

Charles didn’t waste any time and reached out and grabbed on of her tits, “Mmmmm… Charles, I can’t tell you how great it is to meet my biggest fan…” she said in a sultry tone.

Her fingers drifted down to his pants and she bit her lower lip, “I can’t wait to see if you my biggest fan down there too…” she said and then lowered herself down onto her knees.

Charles took hold of the tennis racket as she did and slipped it from between her tits. Before long she was sucking his dick and he was tapping her ass with the racket, and she was in heaven.